Saturday, November 24, 2012

Writing Summary Saturday

What a weird week....holidays do that:)

Nov 17th-Sat

Writer's meeting so nothing today....

Nov 18th-Sun

Family birthday lunch and a sinus headache from hell. No writing today either:(

Nov 19th-Mon

3531 on 4 Geeks & A Witch (for some reason this book is going slow...)

Nov 20th-Tues

512 words on 4 Geeks & A Witch and edited/polished the opening chapters.

Whipped up a blurb for Trip to Titan

Did the cover art form for first Siren book coming out in Feb '13

Nov 21st- Wed

Ran to grocery store for a few last minutes items. Had an appointment that was delayed...

Prepared for cooking stuffing Thursday (I don't really cook too often besides stuff for just me.)

Began some promo for Trip to Titan

Nov 22nd- Thurs

Happy Thanksgiving! Made stuffing, survived family, and goofed with friends on twitter and FB later in the day.

Nov 23rd-Fri

1916 words on 4 Geeks (the end is in sight! A couple more scenes and edit/polish)

Promoted 4 GI's & A Witch and Trip to Titan on Twitter/FB/yahoo loops (I know promo isn't writing...but when new releases come out that's part of the job;)

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