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Fly Boys Arrives Early!!

Fly Boys

By Cheryl Dragon
Available Now!!
Menage + erotic romance



For Laura, dating Craig, an air force pilot, has been nothing but great. Bonding with Craig’s three housemates who served with him has been an experience in military closeness and deep admiration for men in uniform. The news that they’ve shared everything, including women, is arousing and a bit of a challenge. And Laura wants to take it on. The guys ease her into action, and soon, she can’t imagine life any other way….even if one of the guys is a bit reserved with her. But Laura's biggest adjustment will be to their weird work schedule. Three months on duty and three months on her!


Some days, Laura swore she was dating four men instead of one. When she’d met Craig, all stunning in his Air Force uniform, she’d had no clue he was a package deal. It was movie night, and she hung out in the living room with them.

“Anyone want more pizza?” Craig asked.

Craig lived with three other Air Force pilots who had served together in Iraq. The more time she spent in their Cape Cod house, the more she learned. They’d saved each other’s lives, shared everything and kept each other sane. The idea of any of them in danger made her anxious. They were all great guys.

“We should’ve gotten Chinese,” she replied. After almost three months of dating him, she spent most of her time at their house rather than her apartment. Four sexy men, who wouldn’t want that eye candy around? And at night, Craig kept her coming back for more and coming loud.

Sitting on the couch, watching a movie with all four, she wondered why Craig encouraged her to be loud in bed. It seemed insensitive to his pals. Still, there was no reason to rub in that he had a sex life. The others were single.

Nick sat on the loveseat and was openly bisexual. He was on the shorter side for a military guy but with dark hair, lots of muscle to admire and eyes that never missed a thing. Nick talked about sexy men with

Laura, but she’d caught him eying her breasts like the rest of them. “Yeah, bet I can swallow an eggroll deeper,” he challenged her.

Laura glared at him and grinned. “I bet you can.”

Craig was on one side of her, a tall, brown-haired, blue-eyed muscle man she leaned on. On the other side of her, Sean played “remote commando”. He was blond with green eyes and lean muscles. He was the guy in the house who flirted with her the most outside of Craig. She knew he’d been through a bad breakup just before she’d started dating Craig, and she suspected he was just lonely for a woman.

Roger sat on the loveseat with Nick, a bowl of popcorn between them. Tall and lean, he said the most with his silence. With rust-brown hair and hazel eyes, Roger had a couple of years on Craig and the others and was the most withdrawn, but he treated her like a lady. Laura guessed he’d had it rough overseas. Craig told her Roger was the rock who kept the younger guys in line and focused. They tended not to talk about the danger they faced in those days, but she sensed it.

Snuggling closer to Craig, the testosterone fog enveloped her. Four men made the masculine feel of the house palpable. But she was so grateful to the other three that Craig was here to be with her. She loved them all. Knowing them for three months now, she truly liked them. They were so different yet they got along.

Still it was hard not to be able to crawl into Craig’s lap and screw him or just get naked and suck him off. The idea of the other men watching added a thrill. But she and Craig only did stuff in the bedroom when they were alone.

She broke the silence. “You’re all really going away for three months?”

The prospect of being alone that long didn’t thrill her, but it made her more aware and appreciative of every minute they had together…intimate or otherwise. Maybe that was what added to her sex drive?

“That’s the schedule. Get used to it.” Sean yawned.

Craig had been upfront about it when they’d started dating, but now, it was here.

“You’re going to miss us?” Nick teased.

“She’ll miss Craig. No one will miss you!” Roger grabbed some cheese popcorn from the bowl between them and pelted Nick with a few pieces.

Laura grinned. They were so close. At times, it felt like they were brothers, but she knew the military service bond was deeper.

“I’ll miss all of you. I feel like I live here sometimes. I’m not in the way of bonding time, am I?” She glanced at Nick, Roger and Sean then to Craig.

“Hell no. It’s good to have someone pretty to look at around here.” Sean tickled her toes. “If you two want private time, just go. Or kick us out.”

“I have an apartment; I just like it here. It’s a real house.” Since grad school, she’d moved around, college to college, until she’d found the right professor position with tenure track. “And I grew up with all girls so it’s nice to have some men around.”

“Your dad bailed?” Roger asked.

Laura realized Craig hadn’t told them her background. And she’d never gone into it with them. “He was a truck driver, long hauls. Nothing tragic, but with three sisters and a mom all needing attention, it was hard. He worked a lot. I was the independent one who took care of myself.”

“It’ll be déjà vu when we all leave.” Nick threw popcorn at Roger.

“I’m an adult now. I can entertain myself. Work and plenty of friends. I’ll live.” She picked the most buttered piece of popcorn from the bowl she shared with Craig and Sean.

“Ms. Independent.” Craig kissed her softly.

“Not like that needy bitch Sean tried to date.” Nick frowned.

“What? She couldn’t handle three months alone?” Laura asked.

Sean sighed and shot Nick a dirty look. “No, she couldn’t deal with the idea of it. I told her when we were dating for a week.”

“Honest is good.” Laura patted Sean’s shoulder. “It does take some getting used to for people who have normal routines.”

“I told her. She met the guys, said she liked them. We dated. I reminded her when I was going. She said fine.”

“Denial,” Roger said.

“Bingo. She said she had a wedding to go to on the weekend after I left. She flipped when she realized I couldn’t go.”

“Flipped!” Nick nodded. “Here at the house in front of all of us.”

Sean looked down. “We broke up.”

“I’m sorry.” Laura shook her head. “I have a sister like that. The baby. She wanted all the attention from everyone. It was on her terms, or she wasn’t happy.”

“Did she grow out of it?” Craig asked.

“No, she married a guy who was an only child so she got all of his attention and his family’s attention. People find the right match eventually.” She hugged Craig. She’d found her match. Laura loved how Craig could be playful in bed and go off to fly military aircraft.

“You don’t need to worry about the house. Our neighbors will look in on it. That’s normally what we do.” Roger had a leadership streak, and he focused on business. Craig had told her Roger had been divorced in his mid-twenties. He seemed in no hurry to marry again.

“I don’t mind. It’s on the way to work. If the weather gets bad, I can always sleep here.” Then she rethought it. “But I don’t want to be pushy. If your neighbors already have a key…”

“No, come by. You practically live here anyway.” Nick shot Roger a scolding look. “If you don’t mind.”

“Fine by me.” Roger shrugged.

Roger had always been the most cautious about her. Maybe his ex had left him for a younger man or a woman? He didn’t trust women. Laura decided to change the subject. “So Sean. How old was this girl you dumped?” Laura asked.

“Twenty-two.” Sean munched a handful of popcorn. “Why?”

“Too young. For college kids, the world revolves around them.”

“She’d graduated.”

“Still too young. You’re twenty-seven. You need an adult.” Laura licked butter off her fingers. She worked with college kids, maturity and trust made all the difference in a relationship.

“Go for an older woman like I did.” Craig said.

Laura slapped his knee. “I’m twenty-eight. You don’t call me old!”

“Older.” Craig emphasized. “Roger is thirty-four, he’s old.”

“I can still kick your ass.” Roger never seemed to get ruffled. “But I won’t because you need to report to work in less than a week.”

The tough talk made Laura’s skin tingle. “As long as Craig isn’t planning any more overseas tours.” She kissed his shoulder.

“No, I’ve done my time.” Craig wrapped his arm tight around her. “I’ve got other plans.”

She let Craig’s attention sink into her. Soon she’d be missing him, but he’d be back and, she’d enjoy the emotional high of the reunion.

“Well, my ex liked when I was deployed for over a year, both times. She got to cheat. That’s why I stick with the military pals now. They don’t screw your girl behind your back.” Roger got up. “I’m off to bed.”

“True. If a military man is going to take your woman, at least, they let you watch. They’d want you to know about it.” Sean shut off the movie no one was watching.

Laura frowned. The party was breaking up, and asking about the sexual games these guys played in the military didn’t feel right. Nick cleaned up the cheese popcorn. Roger finished his usual door and window check before setting the alarm. Craig and Laura handled the buttered popcorn. Once things were clean, they headed up to bed.

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Enjoy! Stay warm:) Happy Holidays!!

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Pushing Penny is available now:)

Pushing Penny

A Raider's Bodyguard Tale

Genre: BBW & Bdsm erotic romance (contemporary)

Available: Now
Buy Link:


Going to Italy with a sexy man should be hot but for Penny it’s all business. The plus sized designer of plus sized fashions met Grayson Raider at her best friend’s wedding, and now, he’s her bodyguard. While she doesn’t expect trouble, Penny’s rich Texas family is overprotective. She has no reason to protest—Grayson makes her feel safe and beautiful.

Grayson knew the moment he met Penny that she was the challenge he’d been looking for. Confident in her work, Penny needs to let him lead in the bedroom. His Dom side enjoys giving her pleasure and pushing her limits. Being tied up naked by a man she's paying to protect her is hot enough, but when he starts using mirrors and fashion to drive her crazy, he might just push Penny right out of her comfort zone.


Shame the devil, tell the truth. That was a phrase Penny Beaumont had been raised on. The words echoed in her mind as she reviewed her packing for her first international trip. The truth was she’d always been overweight. Everyone had a truth, and that was hers. Her brother Brian was gay. Her baby sister was skinny, blonde and a perfect southern lady. Their daddy was a Texas millionaire and their grandfather was a fire and brimstone preacher from Baton Rouge.

All the Beaumont women were good, old-fashioned, southern ladies who did charity work, raised children and kept a perfect home. They didn’t drink, didn’t smoke and didn’t drive, but her mother was the rebel—she drove her own car. International travel was a new world for Penny.

Today, Penny had a flight to Milan to show her plus-size fashions to the European market. Her American debut had been a success, but this was more pressure. She sat on the bed and looked at her brother. “I should cancel. It’s a mistake.”

Brian hugged her. “It’ll be fine. You’ll be a hit. They invited you.”

“It’s probably all a joke. Europeans think all Americans are fat, and it’ll be a big tabloid story.”

“Stop it. This isn’t high school. You need to clear away the bad thoughts. You’ve worked so hard, and it’s amazing stuff. It’s Milan, Mecca of fashion. And you can’t tell me that there aren’t any plus-size Italian women.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’ve never traveled outside the US. Dad freaked when I bought a foreign car.”

“He’s so old school they hadn’t invented chalk. He sheltered the girls and I had to fight my own battles. That’s not doing anyone any favors. Between the extreme religion on mom’s side, dad’s money and my being the most popular gay grad student in New York, you have every right to be confused. Just do your thing and be yourself. You’re not backing down after all that work. I’m just glad Andrea talked you into a bodyguard.”

“It’s so unnecessary and over the top. No one is stalking me. But she’s right. After what happened to her cousin, I’m not taking any chances.” Brian and Andrea, Penny’s best friend since college, both thought it was a good idea, and Penny trusted their judgment. “At least, I’ve met the guy. I do feel safe with him.”

“A hard-bodied bodyguard?” Brian teased. “Hot?”

“Sorry, he’s straight. Met him at Andrea and Jake’s Vegas elopement.” She knew her brother was always on the lookout for a new guy. Brian would be drooling soon. Grayson was unbearably hot, strong, and quiet. When they’d met as best man and maid of honor, his touch had sparked everything in her. That man had a way of looking right through her. It had been an intense experience for her. She wondered if he’d even remember her. Hot men tended to forget the big girls. But this was a professional arrangement, not a date.

Brian flopped on the bed. “For shame, Penelope. Vegas! Did you drink?” He imitated their easily offended grandfather.

“Yes,” she confessed.

He propped his hands on his hips. “Did you gamble?”

“Yes.” She smiled.

Brian got nose-to-nose with her. “Did you dance with the sexy hunk?”

“No.” Penny told the truth. Her brother knew what it meant to be different. He was the only one in the family who didn’t make her feel as if she didn’t fit. During his brief stint as a drag queen, she’d made his gowns. It had helped set her on her current career path. Before that Penny had only designed for herself. All the queens had admired her work, even though Brian wasn’t very good on stage. He found being the hot, young, southern guy got him more men while others performed.

“No dancing? It was a wedding.” He nudged her.

“They eloped. It was a five minute wedding and dinner at a steakhouse that rotated. The view was lovely.”

The doorbell to her condo rang.

“Got it.” Brian jumped up.

She knew he wanted a good look at the bodyguard. He opened the door and sighed. “That view is more than lovely.”

Penny marched up to rescue Grayson. “Sorry, my brother is a bit comical at times. I was telling him about the view of Vegas from the restaurant.” She opened the door wider.

“Beautiful.” Grayson’s eyes stayed fixed on her.

Brian brushed her elbow with his, but Penny ignored him. Grayson, technically Jake’s stepbrother, was thirty-one and tall with jet black hair and pale blue eyes. All muscled body and calm demeanor. Grayson had turned Penny on from the start. She really didn’t need Brian adding to it. A tiny part of her didn’t want Grayson along to Milan. She didn’t need the distraction or the rejection.

Still, she’d agreed to a bodyguard. She’d lived in Texas until college then made a bold move to the east coast and met Andrea. Penny wasn’t well traveled by any interpretation.

Her manners finally kicked in. “Grayson, this is my brother Brian. Brian, my jailer for the week, poor man, Grayson. Come in, please.”

“He can frisk me any time.” Brian could flirt with a lamppost when the mood struck him. It annoyed Penny how well he’d played it straight for so long. But Brian loved Texas from horses to roping. He just wasn’t meant for the small towns where being a gay man could be dangerous.

Penny wished she could be as confident as Brian. But flirting was way out of her skill set.

“Be nice, Brian.” She turned to check her home. This distance from Grayson let her think and breathe. She handed Brian the keys. “No wild parties.”

“Me? No way.” He gave her a peck on the cheek and turned to Grayson. “Anything happens to her…”

“Brian, it’s his job. He knows what he’s doing.” Penny hated being the center of attention. It was always uncomfortable. “No need to make a fuss.”

Grayson held out a hand. “It’s fine. Nothing to worry about.”

Brian shook his hand and gave Penny a wink.

The driver saved her by stepping into the doorway. “Ready, Ms. Beaumont?”

“Yes. All this luggage please and his.” She pointed toward her large pile of bags then turned to her bodyguard. “Passport, identification, ticket and everything?”

“All set.” They headed out. “You’re very organized.”

“Yes. Especially with new endeavors.” She shrugged as they boarded the elevator. Alone with him she felt self-conscious. His calm confidence was something she envied. Like a dog that seemed nice but was guarding something he’d kill for. It also made her very aware of him. “I’m sorry to drag you to Italy. Having a bodyguard makes everyone more at ease, but I really don’t think there is anything to worry about.”

“Those jobs are the best. But normally, they don’t ask me to pose as a model. I’m not qualified.”

Not qualified? He was sexy and tall. The idea of him without a shirt or modeling briefs made her wet. But he only had to wear a tux. “Don’t worry. The rest of the models are women. It’s just the finale. It’s a gown and it doesn’t look right without an escort. Brian volunteered, but he has finals. Plus I don’t want people to think I’m paranoid so it’s a good excuse.”

“I’ll be discreet. Security is important. Ask Andrea’s cousin.” He waited until she was settled in the limo before he joined her. No fuss, no hurry. She liked him.

“I know. Poor Denise. That’s part of why Brian was so insistent. I don’t have a current boyfriend or any ex-boyfriends who are stalkers. No one in Italy knows my family. They certainly don’t care that my father has a little Texas money.”

“More than a little from what I found.”

She looked at him. “You did your homework.”

“Part of the job.”

Job. Right, she was a job. “You’ve been highly recommended. I’m sorry to drag you way from your family and girlfriend.” He was being nice because he was a professional. She couldn’t let her imagination run wild. At the wedding, he’d been very enthusiastic about Jake and Andrea and, all the time, very considerate and kind to Penny. He probably was a genuinely nice guy, but he could have any woman. Half her size or less. Trish, her little sister, for instance. Penny was so grateful not to have her sister around right now. No one would notice Penny with Trish in the room. Certainly no man ever did. But in Milan, there would be much steeper competition.

Grayson could have anyone. Penny would have to lock him up to have him to herself. Or pay him. Both of which weren’t things she’d consider. If a man didn’t want her, she didn’t need him. That was Brian’s motto. Penny generally was single and had grown used to it. She needed to put Grayson out of her mind.

He’d said something and she’d missed it with all her mental lecturing.

“I’m sorry?” she replied.

“I said you’re not taking me away from anyone. I don’t have a girlfriend. Still looking for the right challenge.”

The word gave her a chill. Challenge? It had to be a joke. “Challenge? You sound like my Uncle Lubby trying to decide which horse to break.”

“Not break. Set free. But you can’t ride and love a truly wild horse. If it doesn’t trust you, it can’t feel safe that you’ll feed and take care of it.”

“Oh please. Have you ever ridden a horse in your life?” He filled out his jeans, a T-shirt, and sport coat well, but he wasn’t a southern type. “You’ve got New York City written all over you. Men want skinny and pretty, not a challenge. Believe me, I’ve been a challenging woman all my life and men don’t like it. Ask any of the men in my family.”

He shifted to look at her. “They clearly aren’t the right type of men. Not for you.”

What type of man did he think was right for her? Penny knew this plane ride would be torture. The smell of him, the way he made her feel, and that intensity he projected made her long for her bedroom and toys. He’d be in her fantasies for months.

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If you like plus size heroines getting the hot guy and the discipline they crave, this is the book for you!!

Stay warm & have a great thanksgiving!!

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What a Week!!!

 Cheryl Dragon here…having a great week!

First, my Sept Release, Hot Holiday Houseguests is now a bestseller at All Romance Ebooks!! So that made my day.

Also, my BDSM Regency A Firm Hand is also a bestseller at ARe.....Love that little star:) It's sort of a late bloomer so if you missed it, check it out!!

And it’s a release week... Catcalling Catherine is now out over at Ellora’s Cave.

If you ever had a fantasy you wanted to act out and just couldn’t get out of your head….check it out.

Catcalling Catherine

By Cheryl Dragon

Available Now at Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Romance: Ménage

Length: Quickie



Call it a compliment. Call it offensive. The whistles and shouts of hot, young construction workers have become Catherine’s latest sexual obsession. To protect her professional reputation, Catherine uses a service to fulfill her blue-collar fantasy and the two men hired for the job, complete with hard hats and hard-ons, do it just right. Problem solved—or so she thought.

One fantasy isn’t enough for Tony. Catherine failed to recognize him as part of the crew who remodeled her office. After the best sex of his life, he wants more—their combined fantasies with no services, no secrets. Anywhere, anytime and anything she wants, if she can handle a little reality in her fantasy life.


Walking back to her office building with her lunch, Catherine enjoyed the warm summer sun. New York had fabulous weather today and she ignored the noisy traffic and construction. Luckily she wasn’t walking with a judge or legal colleague. It was inevitable.

The hooting and whistling from the construction workers began as soon as she was in sight and continued after she’d passed by. Catherine had worked hard to make partner at the prestigious old law firm Archibald and Whitney. At forty-four she’d achieved her career goals and wasn’t about to let harassing men keep her from a nice day. Still, she’d learned not to conduct any work walking by construction workers.

She simply pressed her lips together and looked away. Ice queen, an unoriginal nickname around the firm, but she took pride in it. The only female partner, she hadn’t slept her way to the top. She’d won her cases and worked hard. Professional was professional and anything personal remained completely separate. When in doubt, she did what a man would do and beat them at their own game.

When she entered the building, Catherine relaxed a bit. Once in her thirtieth floor office, she felt in charge again. The dark wood and marble desk, the huge windows and the legal admins who feared her…this was her element.

Still the dirty comments of sweaty and muscled men hung in her mind. Her body reacted completely opposite to her mind. The tingling of arousal had to be ignored in favor of work.

Unwrapping her sandwich, Catherine spotted her admin peeking in the slightly open door. Catherine waved Sara in. “It’s beautiful outside. Go get some air.” The only downside of her office was the huge windows didn’t open.

“I need to study. Maybe I should try it outside?” The pretty young woman smiled. “Here are your messages.”

“Thanks. I’m not sure you’d get any actual studying down with those construction workers. I don’t know what they think will happen, making all that noise.”

“You let them get to you. Just smile, put your ear buds in and act like you can’t hear them. They do it for the reaction.” Sara shrugged.

"They’re not children.” Catherine wanted to be outraged but the image of many of them, shirtless but for the bright safety vests, wet her sexual appetite. The hard hats. The sunglasses. The muscles.

“Catherine? Hello?” Sara snapped her fingers. “You okay? Maybe you got too much sun. You work too hard. Take half a day off.”

Shaking off the fantasy, Catherine bit into her sandwich. “I’m fine. It’s humid out there.”

“Okay, I’m going to the coffee shop downstairs. Want anything?”

“Caramel coffee. Iced. Thanks.” Catherine handed over some cash and tried to focus on the messages Sara left.

As soon as the door closed, Catherine pulled out her private cell phone. All summer with these construction workers would make her crazy. She needed to get rid of the fantasy or she’d do something stupid.

She logged in to her private account at Elite Fantasy Match and reviewed the fantasy she’d input last week. It wasn’t posted, only in review for her eyes. The service matched people discreetly to fulfill fantasies. No real names, never at home, they used an upscale hotel and false names plus a safe word to break the fantasy roll play scenario.

The service had saved her several times over the years. Always safe and discreet, that was exactly what she needed. A judge she’d dated as a young lawyer introduced her to it. No wild clubs or key parties permitted if you wanted to make partner or be a judge someday. That guy turned out to be too kinky for Catherine’s tastes but she used the service still.

The fantasy was basic, uptight executive woman needs to be roughly satisfied by two hot construction workers. They catcalled her and she had them written up. It was silly back story but it added a layer for her. In the notes, it spelled out what was acceptable and her limits. Her pussy throbbed just reading it over. Her trembling thumb activated the fantasy request.

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TGIF and Have a weekend and a Sexy Safe Halloween. And if you're looking for a quick fun Halloween my backlist I recommend: An Extreme Haunting. BDSM in a haunted castle....what else do you need?


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Christmas in September!! So many goodies!!

Hey Everyone!!

First of all, please check out my newly redesigned website at

There's a link to win cheryl dragon goodies and a whole new look!

Next don't miss the release party over at tomorrow (9/23) for a chance to win another prize!

And friday night over at The Romance Studio, I'm partying with other authors celebrating our releases. Chatting and prizes are in the works! in Sept??? Yes! You need to enjoy the holiday BEFORE the cooking and the present buying suck all your energy. So kick back and enjoy these houseguests who promise no stress and lots of eye candy!

Hot Holiday Houseguests
By Cheryl Dragon
Available Now at Resplendence
Contemp Erotic Romance Ménage + & Light BDSM (Christmas theme)


Kelly always tried to be a good girl. Finally, she found the man who let her be a little bad with him and gave her the playful discipline she craved. That’s the man to marry! Engaged and looking forward to a nice Christmas with his family, she couldn’t be happier with her great guy and amazing sex life. Could she?

When her fiancé Mark’s two sexy cousins come to stay for the holidays and burst in on the couple during sex, her shock quickly turns to arousal. She goes from having one hot man to three, and Mark is behind it all. A girl could get used to having three men fulfilling her sexual needs. But is this a treat for the holidays or can she actually keep them all?


Kelly put all the stress of the wedding plans and freelance graphic projects out of her mind as she lit candles around the living room. Mark’s big project at work was done, and they had a nice weekend ahead of them. She wanted to make sure they took full advantage.

She lit a fire in the big stone fireplace and laid out a thick blanket with a couple of pillows, hiding the handcuffs beneath one. She wanted her fiancé to get the message. She needed some attention.

Mark made her fantasies come true, but he’d been working so much she ached for his time. Being tied up, spanked and a little rough sex was in her future. He loved role playing, and she never felt self-conscious with him. They were a great match sexually and in the rest of life.

It was almost time for him to walk through the front door. She dropped her long silk robe, leaving the see-through lace slip she’d worn underneath. It was cheap and itched a little, but Mark tended to rip her lingerie. He liked that it was the same light blue as her eyes.

Plus the lace hid nothing from view. Kelly grew moist in anticipation. She pulled her hair free from the ponytail she’d worn while she’d worked, and the reddish brown curls spilled over her shoulders.
His key hit the lock, and her cunt tightened. No more working late for him; no more meeting and calls at all hours. Not this weekend. Christmas was this week so they’d have more time alone.

Mark dropped his briefcase as soon as he opened the door and tossed his keys on the side table. Taking off his coat, he finally looked at her.

Kelly smiled. “I missed you.”

Mark pushed the door closed. His wavy brown hair and big brown eyes made her melt, but that strong jaw and muscled form made her ache. The man possessed a confidence in bed she envied and needed. His devilish grin told Kelly the timing was perfect for a seduction. “Looks like you really missed me.”

His dress pants and shirt were gone shortly after his shoes. When he finally got to her, he kissed her hard, holding her against him so all that rough fabric rubbed her tender skin. Mark’s erection throbbed on her hip through his boxers.

“Sure you weren’t waiting for the UPS guy?” he asked.

“Only if I get you both.” It had taken her a year to talk like that. Mark had helped her be freer with her sexual needs and fantasies.

She knelt down and took off his socks then the boxers so he was completely nude. Licking up his shaft, she squeezed his balls. Kelly sucked him down then tongued the tip. It felt like forever since they’d been able to put the outside world truly outside their home.

“In a hurry?” He grabbed her hair and tried to ease her back.

Releasing him, she pulled him down to the blanket. “Not a rush. We’ve got all weekend. But I am in serious need of round one.”

Mark lay on his back and moved a pillow under his head, revealing the cuffs. “You’re begging for a marathon.”

“Not up for it?” She flicked her tongue on the tip of his cock and rolled the taste of his pre-cum around her mouth.

“Oh, you’re in for it.” He smacked her ass through the lace. “You need it faster so you better ride.”

She waited a few seconds to get another sweet slap on her ass. It felt so good her hips wanted to grind back for more. But her pussy’s needs won just then.

Straddling his hips, Kelly slid down onto his cock and felt that sweet reward of fullness. Then Mark gave her a preview of the roughness, jerking the front of her slip until it ripped and her breasts spilled out into his large hands.

He gripped her breasts and held as his teeth and tongue gave her nipples needed attention. The nips and sucks made her cunt quiver, and her hips took over. Riding Mark, she planted her hands on his shoulders and drove hard and fast. She could come twice to his once if she tried. But he could help or hinder that. He loved to tease her.

Her hips worked overtime, grinding on him, not wanting to lose the feeling of fullness. Mark lifted and his hands went from her front to her ass, alternately squeezing and spanking her. “You’re mine this weekend. You’ll do whatever I say.”

She gasped. Didn’t she always play into his fun? She’d do anything. The orgasm hit fast.

“Yes!” Her cunt contracted around him, and she fucked him fast to feel the full impact until the pounding of her release finally slowed.

She heard cheers and clapping. Her fantasies of being watched were never that vivid! Opening her eyes, she saw two familiar men standing there in jeans and T-shirts with big grins.

“Mark!” She jumped up and grabbed her robe.

“Damn it.” Mark tried to follow her.

She slammed the bathroom door behind her and locked it, something Mark had clearly forgotten to do with the front door.

“What the hell?” she demanded.

“Kelly, calm down and let me in.” Mark didn’t seem alarmed.

They needed to talk in private.

“Just you.” She flipped the lock.

Mark entered and locked the door behind him. “I’m sorry, but it’s really okay.”

She looked at herself in the mirror. Torn slip, breasts out, and a pink ass. “Okay? How is this okay?”

“They swear they knocked, but we didn’t hear them. I’m sorry I forgot to lock the front door. I grew up in a small town; I never remember.” Mark pulled her close and kissed her. “But it’s not a big deal.”

His cock, still hard and slick, pressed to her. She wanted more, but how could they do anything with guests waiting?

“Not a big deal?” she repeated. “How is it not a big deal that your cousins saw us screwing? Me in full orgasm. I can’t face them.”

His reaction wasn’t normal. They’d seen her practically naked.

A voice came from the living room. “Handcuffs. Kinky.”

“Mark’s lucky,” the other cousin said.

Mark sighed. “I’m sorry. It’s just not. I know you had a rigid upbringing about this stuff. But Jack, Paul and I all went to college together. The three of us shared an apartment for five years. We use to…share.”

“Share? Girls?” The idea sank slowly into Kelly’s brain. Her body and mind were both intrigued. Mark was sexually adventurous. “You’re all hot guys. You could have plenty of girls to yourselves.”

Mark grinned. “We did. I know it’s not typical. Look, Paul had a girlfriend who had a fantasy about multiple guys. She trusted us not to get greedy or nasty. She asked Paul, and we talked about it. It was amazing.” He shifted his arms around her, holding her hands behind her back.

“You don’t do stuff with each other?” How far did his kinky side go? These were thing a fiancée should know.

Mark laughed. “No, all the focus is on the woman. We’re related and none of us go that way. Trust me. Sharing is hot if the woman is into being adored and pleasured by more than one guy. We don’t do it all the time. Paul and Jack were totally into you at the family reunion and every time we’ve hung out. But, knowing your history, I wasn’t going to scare you off bringing it up before the wedding.”

“So the plan was to scare me after the wedding?” She shrugged. It wasn’t scary but shocking. Her family was so closed mouth about sex that don’t do it was all they’d say. When her older sister got pregnant at sixteen, she’d been thrown out. Kelly was left with the overbearing and overprotective suspicion heaped on her until she’d gotten away for college—still a virgin.

Mark made her feel safe and free to explore without the judgment her parents had dished out without even letting her date as a teen. She’d dated other guys but until meeting Mark when they were both twenty-seven, no one had made her feel free. Two years together and he kept amazing her. They were engaged and had a nice house.

“No, no scaring you. That was never the plan. I didn’t want to add to the stress of the wedding and the jobs and the holidays, especially if it wasn’t something you’re into. You like fantasy, power and role play stuff. I was trying to figure out how to bring this up.” He pinched her ass, and she pressed back for more. “Maybe you’d like it? Three hot guys, six hands, three mouths and cocks for you. I saw you looking at them on the beach at the family reunion.”

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Cheryl Dragon

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Abducting Andrea is out!!!

Just Released today!!

Abducting Andrea

A Raider's Bodyguard Tale

When an attack is confirmed against the rich and powerful Edington family, Raider’s Bodyguard Service springs into action. Jake Raider is assigned the independent but spoiled Andrea. He’s protected her before but this time he’s bringing the tools to tame her and make her his.

There are plenty of things Andrea wants to do with Jake but none of them involve business. In the past, he rejected her advances but this time he’s giving her what she wants and making her beg for more. Exploring the sexual needs they’ve denied, she’s at his mercy and loving it.

Availble in ebook at Resplendence!

I love this cover:)

Happy Hump Day all!!!

Cheryl Dragon

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A new cover to share.....and its hot!

First in a new series coming 8/11/10 to Resplendence Publishing!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two Ellora's Cave Titles Now at ARe!!

If you love ARe (and who doesn't??) Ellora's Cave is rolling out titles there....

I have two so far. If you haven't ready these, take advantage of the venue and give them a try:)

Enjoy!! And find me on facebook just search for Cheryl Dragon!

Brand New Release 8/11/10...more info on that later!

Cheryl Dragon

Monday, May 31, 2010

New Release & Lori Foster

Hey Everyone!

Happy Memorial Day to others in the States.

It's also a release day for me so I'm excited!!

Here's the info.

And if you're going to be at Lori Foster's Weekend, stop by and see me. I registered late (thanks to work) but I'll be there:)

Check out my first regency story with plenty of hot fun behind all those polite rules of society.

A Firm Hand
By Cheryl Dragon
Genre: Regency BDSM
Available Now at Total-E-Bound


In public they are a proper couple in every way, but behind closed doors they explore rough desires that could prove more than they can handle.

Mariah and James share dark passions and are a match in every way but marriage is only the beginning of their journey.
Mariah wants more of James' intense instruction but James pulls away. She must tempt him, trust him, and prove to him that the ghosts of their childhood losses won't keep them from a long and happy marriage and unspeakable pleasure.


James Montford slowed his horse to a walk as he took in the view of Mariah Griffin trotting her prize black mare. The woman’s lush curves and fearless nature called to him.

When she looked over her shoulder for him, she pulled up and turned to trot in his direction. “Are you tired, my lord?” Her breasts bounced as she brought her horse to a stop. The dress was in no way revealing, but James had an active imagination.

“Not at all. Simply enjoying the view of your uncle’s estate.” He knew she’d never believe it, which was precisely why he’d said it.

“If you’re bored, please do not continue on my account. Alice’s headache ruined your afternoon of riding with her. I simply needed to get some air, and on my uncle’s estate I can ride alone with no impropriety. You need not feel obligated.” She walked her horse around his, circling him like a vulture.

“I enjoy riding as well, Miss Griffin. Your company only adds to the view.” James had no designs on Alice, Mariah’s cousin, but her parents wanted him for a son-in-law. With neighbouring estates, the socialisation was inevitable. Until Mariah’s arrival, part chaperone and all friend for Alice, James had not spent much time here.

He and Mariah spoke rather openly to one another but stayed away from any topics of significance. That suited him well. He was in no haste to marry. The institution made most people he knew miserable. Mariah didn’t pressure him about Alice or any other attachment.

“View?” She looked down with a grin. “My mare is not for sale, my lord.”

He chuckled. She rebuffed his compliment and yet a touch of pink glowed in her cheeks. “I’m not shopping for horses. I have a well-stocked stable.”

“So I hear. My aunt wanted me to invite you to dinner. Hopefully, Alice’s headache has passed.” Mariah’s face turned serious as she nodded to the sky. “Rain is coming.
We should go back.”

“Eager to escape me?” He glanced up and saw her assessment was accurate. Annoyance boiled in his veins. Nature plotted to keep him from some relaxing time alone with Mariah. His desire for her fought his need to remain unattached.

Mariah made him feel things no other woman had. But she was a lady, the daughter of a rich man. Innocent and honourable in all things. Yet they had a connection. He was an earl, worthy of her, but if she knew his true nature, he suspected she’d run.

He knew she had three brothers. Perhaps if he treated her like a little sister, the lust would pass. “Shall we race?” he asked.

She nodded. Few men would suggest such a thing to a grown woman, but they’d begun a habit of teasing one another already. He wanted to watch her best him. It’d provide interesting dinner conversation.

“One, two, three.” He took off, and she didn’t sprint past him. Her lighter body and sleeker horse should’ve overtaken him at the average pace he’d set his mount. James wondered if she was now taking in the view? He felt lightheaded for a moment as his stomach ached in confusion and desire. To posses her was a dream, but dreams were false and easy. Reality hurt people, and he had no wish to upset anyone. He’d created a quiet life he could tolerate.

He pulled up at the stable and entered. Dismounting, he looked about for the stable boy and heard rustling in the hay. Defiling a chamber maid was no excuse for neglecting duty. James rounded the stall to chastise the couple. He stopped in his tracks and wanted to use his riding crop in a multitude of ways. Alice’s headache had apparently been cured by the affections of the vicar.

“Edmund?” James levelled a challenging glance at the man.

The vicar stepped in front of the dishevelled young woman. “Forgive me, my lord.”

“Your lordship.” Alice tried to cover herself.

“You’ve won, my lord. The rain is starting. Where is everyone?” Mariah followed James’ path, and her jaw dropped as she took in the scene.

James helped her off her horse, relishing the feel of her firm body beneath his hands. She barely gave him a nod as she glared at her cousin. The play of the race and the weather no longer proved of interest to either of them.

“Alice!” Mariah grabbed her cousin and pulled her away from Edmund’s arms. “What are you doing?”

A Firm Hand Available NOW:


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sorry so long....

Hey Everyone,

Life has been insane for me the last 6 months. I won't share all the drama....but I"m getting caught up now...I hope!!!

January release....

Menage....super hot!!

If you could have every fantasy, would you do it? Would you do whatever your boyfriend wanted?

Facing their one year anniversary, DJ Jenny and club owner Mitch aren't your normal couple. They live in the LA club scene, but even their naughty fantasies would raise the eyebrows of the clientele. Their own limits are pushed when they confess their desires and make it happen.

Can they embrace each others' without ruining the love? From abduction to the bad school girl, they'll try them all!

An Night Owl Romance Top Pick!!!
"4.75 out of 5 A Reviewer Top Pick! I enjoyed this hot yet lighthearted story. It’s short enough to read in a couple hours, if you can stand the heat!"


And I have a release coming May 31st!!

A Firm Hand

get the preview here:

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Happy Spring!