Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Undercover Cruising (M/M Erotic Romance) Eostre's Baskets is out!

Released 3/11/14 by Loose Id

Blurb: FBI Special Agent Carlos Perez is undercover on a cruise ship, working to find and stop criminals targeting gay passengers. He'll only get one chance to crack this case, so he has to stay on task. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem for the experienced agent, but normally, he wouldn't be falling in love on the job.

When Stuart "Red" Redmond takes a last minute vacation over Easter, he's thrilled to find his sexy coffeehouse regular on the same cruise. For months he's been hoping that Carlos would ask him out, but both of them have been too busy working. What better time to have a first date than on a cruise?

What should've been smooth sailing on both work and relationship fronts turns to rough waters. Red knows Carlos well enough to poke holes in his cover, and while Carlos trusts Red to keep it under wraps, that knowledge puts him in danger. Then a mysterious Sundae's Easter basket appears in Carlos's suite. Are the criminals onto him or is something much stranger in play?

Buy Link: http://www.loose-id.com/eostre-s-baskets-undercover-cruising.html
Excerpt Link: http://www.loose-id.com/eostre-s-baskets-undercover-cruising.html#product_tabs_Excert

Check out the behind the scenes scoop at the Eaostre Basket blog: http://www.loosenyourid.com/#!Cheryl-Dragons-Eostres-Baskets-Undercover-Cruising-Behind-the-Book/c1sbz/E998B8BC-60CC-46DD-85C6-A0B59D151BF0

Enter to win a basket of your own here: http://sundaes.biz/order-a-basket.html

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Love & Technology (Masters Wanted book 4)

This is the final book in the Masters Wanted series. MF BDSM Erotic Romance!
Blurb: Amber had long hoped Nelson was interested in her. Finding out that he’s a Dom convinces Amber to take a chance on her sexy co-worker. A matchmaker and a good friend, Nelson tried to resist his attraction to the gorgeous woman. He never expected her to hack his website. The innocent-looking woman was really a sassy sub who secretly wanted him. Both had struggled with finding matches in the BDSM lifestyle. While they are ultra-savvy in cyberspace, in real life things are much more complicated. Amber does her best, but Nelson’s past tests them both. She’s not giving up, and tests him right back. Nelson must rise to the challenge of the right woman who doesn’t walk away when things get tough.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cover Reveal! Undercover Cruising

Warning: This is a HOT M/M Erotic Romance cover
(no nudity but you've been warned)

Yummy is right :D
This hot cover was done by Syneca Featherstone!
Undercover Cruising will release March 11th at Loose Id.
It's part of the fabulous Eostre's Baskets and you'll see a lot of promo about them :)
The story is M/M Erotic Romance with a dash of suspense...
Here is the link to the coming soon page:
Until the 11th, enjoy the cover :D