Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter is Coming...South Park Style

Is South Park a sitcom??South Park.pngA cartoon, certainly!

Who cares! It's an awesome show (with a couple exceptions of episodes too gross for me to sit through) that hits my generation insanely well. I'm Gen X and so are the two guys behind this show...
Two adult males sitting in chairs; the male at the right is speaking into a handheld microphone
But last night wasn't about anything linked to was a great hot topic spoof.

game of thrones. With Kenny as the princess and the big divide? Not north and south or gaming console loyalty (PS or Xbox??). Two sides working together for the Black Friday score.

Swords made of wood, goofy thrones, and a war mentality. Cartman vs. Princess Kenny!
Game of Thrones title card.jpgThe game gets bigger and bigger. Bill Gates takes out the Microsoft head as he swirls his wine.

It's still funny, even if you haven't seen Game of Thrones. I've watched the first two seasons and enjoy that show enough to have today downloaded the 5 books to my Kindle.

And South Park wouldn't leave the author out. The kids track him down for insider tips...the penis jokes never end. Seriously...carolers singing about flopping wieners next to each other?

Where are these on the show? lol...Game of Thrones has plenty of naked women but I'd like to see some of the guys really naked. Sigh..HBO...South Park's promise is better!

I won't touch the incest joke South Park does with the news anchors...but trust me, it is directly pulled from Game of Thrones!  The media kicks the big fight...but the wiener choir is insane (watch with wine!! but that's generally a good rule with South Park)

Even if you're not a South Park fan, if you love Game of should see the episode entitled: "A Song of Ass and Fire"!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Big Bang Friends with Geeks

I loved Friends...I love the Big Bang Theory and they have many things in common. Living across the hall is damned convenient. Quirky characters are always good. Hey, the formula works...

Honestly, I love the Barenaked Ladies who did the theme song that made me stop and watch the Big Bang Theory...they got me hooked! I blame those

Most sitcoms do very similar episode premises... This one is right up there. It's their first Thanksgiving themed episode but the sub plot is what made me roll my eyes.

I just hate when it's a dumb move. In writing we call this the Too Stupid to Live character move. Oh's so sad.

Vegas weddings are real???? (Shocked face) No...not really. Can't be :(  It's very sad that this is a classic.

Phoebe on Friends actually pulled it off better. The woman who wrote Smelly Cat, stole her sister's porn earnings, and was a surrogate for her brother's triplets...yes, we'll believe she thought that when you get married in Vegas--you're ONLY married IN Vegas. It was an off hand comment by the character but this episode of Big Bang made me flash on that Friends scene.

With Penny, it's much  much worse. She thought it was just a fake/gag wedding?? You need a license and they don't give those out when you get 6th grade married :/ Didn't they all get online ordained to do Bernadette and Howard's wedding??? So she really thinks an Elvis Impersonator saying you're now husband and wife isn't legal?? If she's THIS stupid...I feel so sorry for Leonard because the kids could get his looks and her brains.

It would've been a lot more believable if she'd been drunk off her ass and never remembers she got married. Then Zach calls her up that day having found the certificate. He might not remember it either but his dad said it's real and undo it...same premise but Penny looks less stupid. Zach can still momentarily resist. The same tension etc...but Penny doesn't look so ditzy.

(Sorry, I'm a writer...I can't help it!) But the episode is cute. Thanksgiving together!! Raj in the kitchen with Amy and Bernadette.

Bernadette's father sharing a drink with Sheldon since his dad is gone, very touching. But poor Howard's father abandoned him and his father-in-law blows him off. are weird creatures. Not as good of an episode as it could've been but some good parts.

Now Sheldon drunk...AND smacking Amy's bottom...that's priceless!BigBangTheoryTitleCard.png

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sitcom blogging nov 18's Mike and Molly...

So I don't blog enough and while I love my writing, all writing and nothing else would be dull. Of course I do more than that...what I can't give up is TV and I should probably share my thoughts. If nothing else to keep my blog alive!

Sitcoms are my favs plus a little It's all storytelling and what writer doesn't love that??? So I'm going to give this a try and we'll see if anyone likes it.

Mike & Molly
Promo mike molly.png
I'm a plus sized woman and I love sitcoms. I swear, I'll follow Melissa McCarthy anywhere. Like Family Guy's church of the Fonz, okay maybe not full on worship (catholic school flashbacks would be bad!). But being big in Hollywood can't be easy.

I liked her in Bridesmaids, I loved her in the Heat (identity theft...haven't seen it but eventually I'll give in despite the horrid makeup and hair--seriously that is a major turn off). I love her hosting on SNL!

But where I first really found and loved her is on Mike and Molly! (I tried Gilmour Girls, I can't stand the mom...just couldn't).

Also, I'm a Chicago girl I was in from the beginning with this show :)

I loved the first 3 seasons!! Now it's different...the first episode was different. That point of change...and when stress/pressure is that bad, a big change is needed. She's got a great hubby and if she's that miserable in her job...I don't blame her. But I was curious about how it'd go forward.

I might circle back to blog about the first two episodes but let's start where we are with a little background of me....and how I relate to M&M.

This new season has been very different. The NEW M&M... At first I hoped it would follow the path of an episode that I loved: "Vince takes a Bath" because it highlighted Melissa's physical comedy powers but it included the whole family as well. That's not exactly what we're getting now.

What we're seeing this season is Molly with supporting cast. One physical gag after another won't hold a show together, I'm sorry to say. I love that she quit her job to be a writer, it opens things up for her. (I quit my day job to write full time so I totally relate to the stress/freedom and sheer opportunity...but reality does set in and I hope they get there).

This episode was Molly attacking a beeping smoke detector (yep, we've all been there but it'd still be even funnier with mom and sis sitting there drinking wine and mocking Molly's stress over it...) I hope M&M finds the balance of adding more physical comedy but keeping all the great sub plots/supporting characters in the mix.

Now, the teasers for the episode had remarks about 50 shades of grey. LOL. OMG...really, she writes something a little hot (I write erotic romance and some of those words for 'boner' would never be in anything published--newbie lol!) but most of it was about coffin surfing/touching dead people. The previews are off as well. If you want good erotic romance stuff...follow me on facebook and twitter @cheryldragon

Honestly, I was SOOO excited Molly might be following my life of writing hot stuff but she didn't. She could go to a BDSM shop/info/demo OR a group about polyamory....NO she was poking dead people. No erotic romance pub I know touches Seriously, getting high with her sister is kind of funny but a weird pairing with kinky sex.

I guess I had more to say than I thought :D I still love the show. Swoosie Kurtz is so damn funny and Mike's mom Peggy is just like the old ladies in any good Chicago neighborhood. Tough, mouthy...God fearing but can lie to a priest without blinking!! Love Carl's Grandma too! Where is she??

This is one of the most diverse sitcoms out there. Black, white, old, young, wine and pot! Bring back Harry, and we've got straight AND gay! I loved that twist (last season) of his coming out late in life. A gay man struggling with his weight and coming out...his friends are unbelievably supportive--this could be a really sweet sub plot. Where was that all men's OA meeting? He took Mike there once ;) It could be really cute (especially now that IL has made gay marriage legal...can you imagine Vince at a gay wedding????). Sorry, my writer got loose for a minute there...

Truly, I hope they don't toss away the diversity that is Chicago and the loving acceptance that is part of Mike & Molly for pure physical comedy!! The show might be finding it's way to a new balance so I'm hanging in there...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Random Blogging and updates

So, I suck at blogging. We know this....

I haven't had as many releases lately. I hinted and talked of this a bit.

Before I released almost monthly with Resplendence Publishing. That isn't going to be happening. I will have 4 more titles to finish out a couple series.

Lucky Springs may continue on, hopefully. One more title for sure.
We'll see what happens. It was an unexpected but necessary change.
That's what I've changed. What have I done???

I wrote a couple ménages for Loose Id!

Coven, Sweet Coven is out now. It's MMF in small town IN with a touch of para/Wiccan magic.

Sterling New Year will release 12/31/13 and for those of you who love Lucky Springs, please try this one :) MMMF with a bbw set in Sterling Alaska. If the response is good to book 1, I will write the stories for at least the other two bridesmaids. No cover yet but it's coming...

I've just heard that my MM erotic romance was accepted for Loose Id's Easter Basket theme.

What else???

At Ellora's Cave I have two MM stories in edits....I swear, they're coming!!
And I've got a couple things in for consideration as well :)
At Totally Bound....Kat's Karma came out :) First in the Fantasy Castle series.
I'm working on book 2 but a couple little things got in the way.
1- the Cowboy Ménage submission call. I sent something. Fingers Crossed! MMF hotness...
2- My editor left :( I happens. not the end of the world. But my new editor is new to the publishing house. No word from her yet so Fantasy Castle book 2 is still in the WIP stage and not top top priority but I'll get to it in Dec/Jan :)
I'm writing a lot, it'll just take a little time to get a new routine and schedule out that feels normal :)
I'll try to be better about blogging on things, even if it's just the TV I like.
But please follow me on Facebook, where I tend to ramble a bit more!