Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter is Coming...South Park Style

Is South Park a sitcom??South Park.pngA cartoon, certainly!

Who cares! It's an awesome show (with a couple exceptions of episodes too gross for me to sit through) that hits my generation insanely well. I'm Gen X and so are the two guys behind this show...
Two adult males sitting in chairs; the male at the right is speaking into a handheld microphone
But last night wasn't about anything linked to was a great hot topic spoof.

game of thrones. With Kenny as the princess and the big divide? Not north and south or gaming console loyalty (PS or Xbox??). Two sides working together for the Black Friday score.

Swords made of wood, goofy thrones, and a war mentality. Cartman vs. Princess Kenny!
Game of Thrones title card.jpgThe game gets bigger and bigger. Bill Gates takes out the Microsoft head as he swirls his wine.

It's still funny, even if you haven't seen Game of Thrones. I've watched the first two seasons and enjoy that show enough to have today downloaded the 5 books to my Kindle.

And South Park wouldn't leave the author out. The kids track him down for insider tips...the penis jokes never end. Seriously...carolers singing about flopping wieners next to each other?

Where are these on the show? lol...Game of Thrones has plenty of naked women but I'd like to see some of the guys really naked. Sigh..HBO...South Park's promise is better!

I won't touch the incest joke South Park does with the news anchors...but trust me, it is directly pulled from Game of Thrones!  The media kicks the big fight...but the wiener choir is insane (watch with wine!! but that's generally a good rule with South Park)

Even if you're not a South Park fan, if you love Game of should see the episode entitled: "A Song of Ass and Fire"!!

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