Friday, November 22, 2013

Big Bang Friends with Geeks

I loved Friends...I love the Big Bang Theory and they have many things in common. Living across the hall is damned convenient. Quirky characters are always good. Hey, the formula works...

Honestly, I love the Barenaked Ladies who did the theme song that made me stop and watch the Big Bang Theory...they got me hooked! I blame those

Most sitcoms do very similar episode premises... This one is right up there. It's their first Thanksgiving themed episode but the sub plot is what made me roll my eyes.

I just hate when it's a dumb move. In writing we call this the Too Stupid to Live character move. Oh's so sad.

Vegas weddings are real???? (Shocked face) No...not really. Can't be :(  It's very sad that this is a classic.

Phoebe on Friends actually pulled it off better. The woman who wrote Smelly Cat, stole her sister's porn earnings, and was a surrogate for her brother's triplets...yes, we'll believe she thought that when you get married in Vegas--you're ONLY married IN Vegas. It was an off hand comment by the character but this episode of Big Bang made me flash on that Friends scene.

With Penny, it's much  much worse. She thought it was just a fake/gag wedding?? You need a license and they don't give those out when you get 6th grade married :/ Didn't they all get online ordained to do Bernadette and Howard's wedding??? So she really thinks an Elvis Impersonator saying you're now husband and wife isn't legal?? If she's THIS stupid...I feel so sorry for Leonard because the kids could get his looks and her brains.

It would've been a lot more believable if she'd been drunk off her ass and never remembers she got married. Then Zach calls her up that day having found the certificate. He might not remember it either but his dad said it's real and undo it...same premise but Penny looks less stupid. Zach can still momentarily resist. The same tension etc...but Penny doesn't look so ditzy.

(Sorry, I'm a writer...I can't help it!) But the episode is cute. Thanksgiving together!! Raj in the kitchen with Amy and Bernadette.

Bernadette's father sharing a drink with Sheldon since his dad is gone, very touching. But poor Howard's father abandoned him and his father-in-law blows him off. are weird creatures. Not as good of an episode as it could've been but some good parts.

Now Sheldon drunk...AND smacking Amy's bottom...that's priceless!BigBangTheoryTitleCard.png

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