Saturday, November 10, 2012

Writing Summary Saturday

Well, last week was a bit rough...

Nov 3rd Sat-

Woke up to no internet (let's skip over the problem where at first I thought it was my smart was getting to my wifi but not loading. something was very wrong but not with the phone). Spent an hour on the phone with ATT to find out my modem needed to be replaced. It was old enough to fail but had held up well. Waited for Best Buy to open, bought new modem. Then spent two hours on the phone to get the new modem configured and talking to the wireless router. By noon I had internet again. By 2pm I actually ate something for the day. It took until about 5pm before I felt normal...

I am a control freak and when stuff like this happens, look out. It's just stressful and until it's fixed...forget multi-tasking for me. So it was a bust for writing but since I need the Internet to get edits, send submissions, and promote my books, this was essential stuff.

Nov 4th Sun-

My writer friends came over in the afternoon and I spent the morning running to the grocery store and straightening up for the company (since yesterday was a total loss). No writing accomplished.

Nov 5th Mon- writing!

3387 on Football themed MM novella

1672 on a short story

Nov 6th- Tues - more writing

4296 on Football MM novella (and the draft is complete!)

Nov 7th Wed - editing...

Edited 20k Football MM novella (tentatively titled Making the Pass)

Planned out the bare bones of the next novella in the Warrior's Craft Series (4 Geeks & A Witch)

Wrote 2230 on a short story (not the same one as yesterday but what the heck. the muse is doing stuff at least:)

*Part of this jumping around on shorts is waiting on edits that must be turned around ASAP. I dread starting the next novella and just as I get going on it, having to stop for the edits. It's my OCD coming out. We'll see how the rest of the week.

Nov 8th Thurs- EDITS!!

Got 'em, did 'em!

Also got file back from proofer/beta reader. Went through most stuff. Fixed a few things (like heroine's name lol). Another read through of this one tomorrow.

Nov 9th Fri - Reading/polishing

This morning I did errands (getting gas, groceries, Rx, and even started Christmas Shopping).

This afternoon, I read over the first in a potential new series (Book 2 is already pretty planned out in my head~~love when that happens!). I read it, polished those little sentances that stop you. Checked and double checked the sub rules and sent it in. Submission confirmation received. 4 weeks to wait...


  1. 20K in two days. Nice! And the next Warrior's Craft, even better.

    Keep up the good work.

    ~ Zenobia

    1. The next warrior's craft is on tap to be written this week:) Writing cave here I come, now that the edits have been dealt with:)