Saturday, November 3, 2012

Writing Summary Saturday

Sorry for the late post. My modem died and I had to spent the morning with ATT support and at the Best Buy. But I'm online!!!

AND...I'm sticking with reporting:D  I'm just happy I'm not forgetting!

Oct 27th Sat-

I had plans with a friend for lunch, but that fell through. Of course, family dropped in. I ended up playing with a 2 year old...I must say even trying to change gears from Thomas the Train to what I write...wasn't gonna happen!

Word count= 0

Oct 28th Sun-

Since this particular family is in from out of town, I went to lunch with them today and ended up with a kiddie induced migraine. So again the word count = 0.

Normally faimly stuff doesn't take up an entire weekend for me unless it's a big holiday or family event. But family time happens so you can't beat yourself up over what words could've been written. Just keep on writing:)

Oct 29th Mon-

Back to normal routine!

3178 written on the new menage + project and the draft is complete! Started looking over for with a spell check and so on to start clean up.

Will also admit to watching some Sandy coverage on TV.

Oct 30th Tues-

Edited entire novella. Started with 23.8k and ended up with 25.3k when polished.

Sent to beta reader/proofer!

Oct 31st Wed-

Happy Halloween!!

Made use of Halloween promo ops on loops and groups.

Wrote 1381 on a new novella.

Wrote 3289 on a short hot project that took over.

total word count =4670

Nov 1st Thurs-

5354 Drafted on new novella

Nov 2nd Fri-

5165 Drafted on new novella

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