Saturday, November 17, 2012

Writing Summary Saturday

Not my best week overall but progress made...

Nov 10th-Sat

Visitor....Got a visit from Lacey Thorn for lunch and chatting. So I did my best to straighten up and get errands done before she arrived. No writing.

Nov 11th - Sun

Proofed coming release...

Chapter notes for 4 Geeks and A Witch. Project for the coming week:)

Nov 12th- Mon

2792 words on 4 is failing me.

Nov 13th- Tues

2412 on 4 Geeks (there is sniffling and sinus pain...not liking this at all).

Nov 14th- Wed

1194 on 4 Geeks (Sinuses continue to plague me)

Salesmen on the Rise released (so promotion for that:)

Nov 15th- Thurs

3495 on 4 Geeks (better but not great for word count and sinuses!)

Found out a submission was accepted to a new publisher!! Yeah!!

Nov 16th- Fri

Ran errands and then got a phone call from an author friend that she had a big sale!! Celebratory lunch followed by nap (the sinuses aren't getting worse or going away. The fight goes on!)

Unfortunately no word count today but it was a rough week.

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