Friday, November 2, 2012

Feminine Allure Friday

Nice and professional looking F/F covers are hard to find. It seems like lesbian stories get nasty, genertic, scenic, or scary covers. Sad....

This is lovely and the women are feminine! Loose Id always has great covers:)

Party Favor

Party Favor
By: Melinda Barron
Published By: Loose Id LLC
Published: Oct 09, 2012
ISBN # 9781623000943

Jovina Bustamante loves being a sub, and secretly, she loves nothing more than to submit to women. Her greatest desire is to kneel before Mistress Martie. She gets that wish during a weekend house party where she’s given as a party favor to the beautiful Domme. Jovina squirms under Martie’s expert touch, experiencing joy like she’s never felt before. But her pleasure turns to pain when her friend accuses her of hiding her true sexuality and lying to them. To complicate things more, Martie tells Jovina she’d love to collar her. There’s just one catch: Jovina has to admit to her family and friends that she’s a lesbian. Can the sub come to terms with her sexuality, and her traditional family’s reaction to it, or will she lose it all because of her fears?

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