Sunday, November 18, 2012

Friends Share Sunday

Lots to share today!!! Keep on going:)

Servicing the Undead
by Isabelle Drake

The city of Boston is hostage to a relentless blizzard, and the tabloid Hayden Thomas writes for warns readers of a new strain of zombie roaming the streets. Hayden already knows what these particular undead seek from the living—fierce, ritualistic sexual encounters.

Having sex with an ice-covered, smudgy-eyed woman in tattered fishnets and a barely there miniskirt is Hayden’s first mistake. His second is thinking he’s in control of what happens next. Mattie—one of the undead—forces Hayden to become her servant. And she wants more from him than just endless intercourse…

Reader Advisory: These zombies are in it for the flesh (pun intended), not the happy endings.
While a stand-alone story, for maximum enjoyment we recommend reading Undone by the Undead first.

Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing

ISBN: 9781419942303

What Are Friends For
by Lacey Thorn

Book 2 in the Girls Night Out series.

Friends can make the best lovers. Or at least that’s what Jacey decides when she finally takes that step with her longtime friend Jonas. He knows her, what she likes, what she wants, what she needs. Maybe even better than she does. But Jonas isn’t willing to settle for just a sexual relationship when Jacey finally comes around. He wants more. He wants it all. And this time he won’t give up until they’re much more than friends.

Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing

ISBN: 9781419942136

Broken Wings: Part One by Stephanie  Burke

Broken Wings (Part 1)
by Stephanie Burke

How much pain can one soul take before it shatters?
Angel Falls, foundling turned NFL star quarterback, and fae warrior prince Klintic have both been tested in the fires of torment and anguish and managed to survive -- to find each other.
That the ex-footballer and the betrayed prince manage to discover each other is a miracle. Staying together will be an even bigger challenge, but with a town full of geeks and weirdoes on their side, reporters and rogue scientists don't stand a chance. Broken wings will be mended, and their souls will learn to fly once more.

Published by Changeling Press
BIN: 05921-01899

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