Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sitcom Review: The Big Bang Theory 12/12 Christmas Episode (The Cooper Extraction)

The Thanksgiving Episode as good...IMHO...this one was better!!


Everything!!! It's a Wonderful Life without major depression for one.

Sheldon is removed from the apartment to assist with his sister who is giving birth...sure he's who you want around for that. the man who took a train in an episode because he wouldn't fly...flies? He's had to have flown at least twice before but that's another issue (though if I tried to write editor who call me out on it and I'd have to explain the character's change/motivation).

Photo: See things, #BigBangTheory things! Get a sneak peek of tonight's all-new holiday themed episode now:

Anyway, the rest of the gang (plus poor Stuart...I swear, I'm the secret love child of Stuart and I never fit in. And fat Stuart because I can never get down to an average size...but back to the story)....We also get to see Leonard and Raj who are sad, alone, and turned to food ( wonder I love this episode!!)

Photo: Re-live what might have been if Raj & Leonard were roommates with this highlight from last night's #BigBangTheory:

The gang talk about where they'd be if they'd never met Sheldon. Would they know each other or not? Would Penny be dating Leonard etc...The alternate realities are hysterical! We also get a glimpse of what we already know, Amy has had a big impact on Sheldon. We believe he might have a sexuality and preference. He really was playing that touch phobia so extreme before that gay/straight (who cares!) he was never going to break the "in case of emergency" glass on his chastity belt.

Amy's similarity to him broke through his exterior defenses but her differences, like longing for intimacy and sexual contact, pull Shelly in a new direction. He doesn't want to lose her and like it or not...the guy is hooked!
Photo: LIKE if you think Sheldon unknowingly gave Amy the best Christmas gift ever! Watch last night's #BigBangTheory again now:
I think this is one of my favorite episodes. The characters are so well established now in this show that you can imagine them in the different realities and how they'd behave. They're part of our families...even if Penny still annoys me a little. The friendship between Amy and Penny has made me like Penny a lot more than in earlier episodes...the intricate relationships in this sitcom make it worth watching over from the beginning :)

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