Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sitcom Blog: Mike and Molly 12/16 They Shoot Asses, Don't They...

Sorry I've been random! I'll need to do better in the new year. The holidays have taken over my life...I'm sure plenty of people understand. Either it's your stuff or (like me) everyone else's stuff. I don't have kids. I don't have inlaws....but I get dragged to see the nephews and help with everyone else's life

So my life is sort of like a sitcom...

On Mike & Molly, I'd be I don't smoke pot (I DON'T need the munchies! I've got the OA issues...) but romance never works out. I get pulled around in my family drama and never seem to be the center...

But let's focus on the episode: "They Shoot Asses, Don't They??

This is a wonderful return of Mike & Molly's balance. It wasn't all about physical comedy from Melissa (I don't mind it in small doses when it fits, I love her movies...but it was overtaking things in episodes earlier this season). Mike gets hurt at work and, rightly, it spooks him.

Anyone with food issue (no wonder, I don't need pot! I have food :)...knows that stress/depression will trigger a return to the bad habits of overeating. We know it, we still do it. That's why it's an addiction and a struggle. Food is hard too, because you need food to live.

Food (like other addictive substances) doesn't judge/lecture or reject.

It certainly doesn't shoot you in the ass! Pizza totally would've been my move and I love that this show gets it and doesn't shy away from it.

Mike slips on his diet in a big way and Vince binges with him (a good comedy duo these two)...Carl's over attachment to his partner shows...but their bond is sweet. It's a wonderful return to the heart that made the show great. We even see Harry at the OA meeting with Mike and Molly.

And Peggy hugs Molly. OMG! lol...heartwarming episode.
Photo: If you didn't know, now you know! Watch last night's #MikeAndMolly again now:
I hope M&M keeps up the balance of family/fun/heart/and enough of the new Molly to keep that energy going without overwhelming the rest of the cast/show.

Happy Holidays! I swear I'll keep up the fun once we're in 2014!

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