Saturday, December 7, 2013

Double the Rear Window in one week of Sitcoms...

There is a thought cloud and it apparently hit Hollywood sitcoms at the same time LOL.

Mike & Molly did their version of Hitchcock's Rear Window...not super convincing. I liked the show...We got Harry back and men playing poker. Molly's physical comedy routines could be staged better (like her sister could've given her the ball seat and tried to help as Molly fell...). Weird neighbor stuff is funny...but the solo physical romps are more SNL skit than sitcom. There are ways to integrate them better with other characters etc...but they're not going for that much.

It was cute but not the only Rear Window themed sitcom...two in one week!

Raising Hope's version was far far better! Burt actually had a broken leg, creepy neighbors were truly disturbing, and Virginia had the cool costumes. It was obvious but well done...the laughs flowed and the quirky characters are established such that it worked. The guest stars were wonderful as well!

Catch the Raising Hope trailer here:

In the second Raising Hope...Maw Maw treated us to costumes and the rest was about married sex and massages. Two episodes back-to-back makes for a nice Friday hour. The show is established and keeps delivering what we expect and want. Sometimes the plots are hard to explain but that's part of the fun. You have to watch to get it...Photo: Who are the Chances' new neighbors, East Coast? All new back-to-back episodes of Raising Hope start NOW!

Check-in to unlock this sticker:

Back to the idea cloud. I can't fault either show. I've had it happen with other writers. I was thinking about setting  a ménage in Alaska (Sterling New Year comes to Loose ID 12/31/13). Then I found out two other writer friends are as well....but we'd never talked about it. Mine is contemp MMMF. Another author is doing shifter ménage. Another is writing a MM. lol! So we're NOT borrowing/copying/or anything unethical. We just all went for Alaska for some reason. It's that darn idea cloud that triggers trends and if it's a good idea, why not?

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