Saturday, October 27, 2012

Writing Summary

Time again for check in...

Oct 20th Sat-

Today I spent the day with writer friends. Brainstorming and socialization. Something writers should have:) But no actual words produced!

Oct 21st Sun-

Noted out 2 novellas to the tune of 4470 words. They'll never be published but those notes make it possible for me to draft a book a lot faster. It's just a small paragraph per scene about what I want to accomplish and whose POV I'm going to be in...

Oct 22nd Mon-

After talking to my editor, added to the final scene of Cyber Scars (1300 words). 

Noted out another novella for 2388.

That's 3688 for the day and now I can dive into the actual drafting!!!

Oct 23rd Tues-

6023 on a new menage + story. 

Oct 24th Wed-

8280 on the menage + story!!! whoohoo for productive days:) 

Oct 25th Thurs-

Promotion of new release (Cyber Scavenge) took up part of the day. 

Still managed 4174 words on new menage + story. (When I hit these productive streaks I try not to break them if I can help it!)

Oct 26th Fri-

2157 on menage + story...

Lunch with a writer friend who I haven't seen in ages. Then watched Magic Mike (important research!) There went the afternoon:) Over 20k of words that are going into a book (plus notes for books). Great week:D

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