Saturday, October 20, 2012

Writing Summary

Made it a full week:D So far so good. Now let's see how I did...

Oct 13th Sat-

Was contacted by an editor about a project I thought was "no response=no" months and months ago. That project was sold elsewhere and already got published but I had something else to send. Also invited for antho submission. Worked that into my plan.

Also wrote 2641 on Hot Rivals. (Not happy my writing isn't hitting 5k a day but ideas, opportunities and oddities are popping up).

Oct 14th Sunday-

Wrote only 500 words and notes on a potential new short for an anthology.

Also prepped blogs for rest of week.

Family stuff took the afternoon...

Oct 15th Mon-

1881 Hot Rivals (the dragging it out continues).

Promo event and other stuff for promotion. Ended up chatting on FB with people as well.

Oct 16th Tues-

5408 Hot Rivals (whoo hoo!!!) Almost done with this project finally!

Oct 17th Wed-

2079 Hot Rivals and the book is drafted:)
Edited/polished Hot Rivals and sent to editor.

Oct 18th Thurs-

4007 words on short piece for anthology. Wrote like a possessed person. LOVE when that happens!

Oct 19th Fri-

Flash Fiction piece for Changeling weekly challenge (only 150 but hey, it's writing!)

Edit/polish/format short piece for antho.

Submit short piece for consideration in antho.

Notes for a potential novella that would fit an open call.

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  1. Congrats on the editor callback... even if it was waaaaay after the fact. That's what annoys me about no-response-means-not-interested. A simple "No" in an email is better than nothing at all, but this turned out the opposite and you had something to give them even though the other story sold. So yah!

    ~ Zenobia