Saturday, October 13, 2012

Writing Summary Saturday

I’ve been inspired by D. Renee Bagby….she tracks and reports her writing weekly on her blog. So the idea wasn't mine but if nothing else it'll keep me honest about my progress and maybe motivate me?

I know I should blog more and let’s see if I can keep this up weekly? 
Maybe I’ll add more days to a weekly schedule.

Sat Oct 6th

3k on Cyber Scars, Book 2 of the Red Line Underground series. A very different Dom/sub relationship is growing than in book 1 (Cyber Scavenge not out until Oct 25th). But the men are different for good reason. I hope it all clicks in the end!

Sun Oct 7th

1k on Cyber Scars and afternoon with local writer friends. Need the in person contact with other writers or I’d be a total hermit. A tiny circle of friends locally but I need it.

Monday Oct 8th

Finished Cyber Scars (didn’t write down the word count-oops) and polished it up. Sent to editor along with all the proper forms. Think the book worked...but that's why I need my editors!!! 

Tuesday Oct 9th

Notes for next 2 projects on the “to be written” list. It’s a LONG list….one book at a time. I need chapter notes so I know the story will follow. Otherwise I’d never be able to focus and just write. 

Some people can fly by the seat of the pants but if I’ve pitched a book and contracted it….I need to go back to that pitch and notes so I remember the spark I had. That book called to me for a reason. I plot it out by scene so I know where I’m going. If it’s goes wrong when I’m writing, the characters will freak out and stop talking. I can adjust the story but without a map, I’m too easily distracted and unproductive.

Wednesday Oct 10th

Line edits and read over galley of one book. Semi day off between books. Review writing plan and go over notes for starting new book tomorrow. (Not as productive as I'd like but it's hard for me to shift from editing to drafting some days.)

Thursday Oct 11th

2k on Hot Rivals (a m/m contemporary erotic romance). I don’t normally do m/m stories back to back…but the muse isn’t fighting it so I’ll give it a try. I’ve adjusted my plan beyond this to try to vary the genres so I’m not writing any genre back to back. 

I think that’ll keep things fresher but I try not to fight the muse. (Note, I said try. I was an accountant for over a decade so I have a tendency to plan and do things in order. If it doesn’t work, then I revise…no OCD here lol!)

Friday Oct 12th

5.2k on Hot Rivals (almost halfway…unless it goes long) Finally back to my daily word count goal! The change in seasons has messed with my normal early morning writing start. But M-F I do want to write 5k daily (unless it’s an editing day). I work the weekends too but that varies with family stuff and the need for a day off here and there.

So that's my first writing summary. Probably not very interesting to anyone but me...I'll do it again next Saturday and see if I'm more productive because I have to share!

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  1. Good job! Keep writing updates. It's fun to see the creative process at work. And yes, go where the muse tells you. :D

    ~ Renee