Monday, October 22, 2012

All Male Monday

A hot m/m cover that caught my eye:) Note: I haven't read the book...just have been tempted by the cover! Info is below for those interested in finding out more.

Yummy angle. Hot and sweet. It drew me into their world...where are the hands. Hmm. Very Cute!

Taxes and TARDIS

Taxes and TARDIS
By: N.R. Walker
Published By: Silver Publishing
Published: Apr 28, 2012
ISBN # 9781614955894

Brent Kelly is a laid-back tradesman whose only concerns are drinks with friends and which man to bed next. In need of a new accountant to sort out his nightmarish shoebox of tax receipts, he's referred to Logan Willis. He doesn't expect to be intrigued by the science fiction-loving, geeky guy with dark-rimmed glasses and a TARDIS-blue shirt. So his fascination with the soft-spoken Englishman surprises him, and their mutual attraction is completely unexpected. He most certainly never expects to fall in love. One a jock and the other a geek, both men know the differences between them are vast and could cause problems. But in this opposites-attract erotic drama, maybe it's the differences between them that make staying together worth the fight.

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