Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two or More Tuesday

This might also fit on Monday but there are 3 of them:)

Harder with three….3 hunks on the cover and all different typesJ

Intimate Intervention

Intimate Intervention
Sara York

Book one in the Harder With Three Series

Lusting for more is worth the effort when the prize is two hot men to share your bed.
When James moves in upstairs, Matt and Tom make it a priority to meet the young hottie. One touch is all it takes to make the three of them burn with lust. James interrupts Matt and Tom’s lovemaking, but they don’t mind letting him in. James is new to man love and afraid of taking the plunge, but can’t stop himself from touching the totally nude Tom. His brother’s warnings are forgotten as James has his first taste of Matt and Tom, vowing to go back for more.

After spending the day appeasing his over-controlling brother, James finds himself spread out on Matt and Tom’s table as dessert. But James’s brother won’t leave well enough alone and tracks him down, abducting James from the dinner party. The police are called in, but with little to go on they are unable to find James.
James is frightened for his life as he watches his brother’s cohorts try to re-educate and reform another young gay man. Can he escape the mob, and make his way back to the loving arms of Matt and Tom, or will his brother beat his new life out of him?

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