Saturday, December 22, 2012

Writing Summary Saturday

Dec 15th  -Sat

727 on Leaving Dreamland....wish I'd written more but this book is making me crazy. The end is in sight and I know what minor revisions I need to do now to make it all work. I'm just so distracted by holiday plans, and added party, and all the work I get to do as the spinster in the family that it's hard to get in the mood for writing without interruption.

Dec 16th -Sun

1585 on Leaving close but so far. 2 scenes left to write and then a revision edit and polish. Soon...

 I did find out that TEB wants the MM (American) football Anthology (Out of Bounds). Making the Pass is my story and Megan Slayer and Stephanie Burke each have one as well. Yeah! So I did the book information form tonight and I'll review it in the morning before submitting it.

Yeah for a new sale!!!

Dec 17th -Mon

Form for TEB story Making the Pass (football themed m/m)

1475 Leaving Dreamland

Dec 18th -Tues

lunch with actual writing.

Dec 19th -Wed

Edited Leaving Dreamland and turned in

Dec 20th - Thurs

Last minute stuff around house before out of towners invade and I must go help/play with kiddies.

Dec 21st -Fri

Family arriving in down for the holidays. Odds of writing today. 0! But plenty of work being done for party, holidays, and so on. Happy Holidays:)

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