Saturday, December 15, 2012

Writing Summary Saturday

Dec 8th-Sat

1918 words on Leaving Dreamland

It was a big errands day. Still.....this book is really dribbling out. I wish I could get my brain in gear with it! I hate whent his happens. It's not that I don't feel like writing, but what I need to write doesn't always link with what I want to write at that moment.

Dec 9th- Sun

Filled out 2 cover art forms and planned out 2013 books for Resplendence Publishing...

Dec 10th- Mon

Wrote 1395 words on the wrong project.

Revised my writing schedule overall for 2013 to avoid too commitment and planning. Muse gets locked up when that happens and I needed more flexibility for things in the coming year than I'd originally planned.

Dec 11th- Tues

Errand day. A whole list of things to do and places to writing accomplished.

Dec 12th- Wed

New release and promo related to it!! Hot Rivals took over the day....

Dec 13th- Thurs

More promo! Stuff around the house. No writing:(

Dec 14th- Fri

3255 on Leaving Dreamland. I was doing soooooo well! Then I took a lunch break and saw the news. Wow...needless to say I didn't write more after that. Even not being a mom, it changes your mood entirely. I chatted with some friends online and skipped lunch watching the news for a while. Then I changed focus but couldn't get back to the happy writing place. I will finish this book this weekend!!

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