Thursday, December 20, 2012

What's New Thursday...

Nothing...Not a damn thing....

I should have a  new cover or two for January....I have two releases in the first half of the month.

But no...I have nothing to share with you :( Covers are an important promo tool and I'm sorry I don't have anything to share with my readers.

Instead, I guess I can talk a little about my new series. Masters Wanted!!

Love & History is Book 1 in the Masters Wanted Series. M/F BDSM. (see how much cooler it'd be with a cover here??? sigh....)

I don't do hardcore 24/7 bdsm (personally or in my writing). I prefer to stick to bedroom play and write about sexual submissives who are very in charge in the rest of their life. Since that's what my heriones want, I decided to build a series around that idea.

The heroine in Love & History is a sub who wants to find the right bedroom Dom and is about to give up. She doesn't want to be controlled all day. She's met one too many bad Doms who wtried to push her hard limits to 'challenge her'. Others wanted to show her off in a club. This is about her needs being met! She can be bound, enjoy a flogging and follow orders in private....

She shares her desire for the right Dom who wants the same things in an anonymous blog (she's a college professor so she doesn't need public issues for obvious reasons). But nothing is truly private and luckily her true indentity is discovered by a matchmaking Dom who is surprised about her sexual secrets and sets her up with the right Master! They're perfect in bed together but this Dom isn't good at relationships. Our heroine won't settle for anything less than the full package. They have to work it all out:)

Love & History comes out Jan 9th from Resplendence...

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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