Saturday, December 1, 2012

Writing Summary Saturday

Nov 24th-Saturday

2113 words on 4 Geeks & A Witch. Draft is done, feels a little short. Putting this aside for a couple days before I read over/edit/polish it up for submission.

Read over Megan Slayer's piece of the anthology we're part of. Made me want to write BDSM!!

Nov 25th-Sunday

9175 words (WhoooHooooooo) on Love & History (Not the right story but I can't complain.) I should be working on something else right now but this one called to me...Hopefully I can draft it fast and get back to the plan. lol...writer's high!

Nov 26th-Monday

7089 words. Not as much as yesterday but still good! over 16k in two days!

Nov 27th-Tuesday

3455 words. I also had a bunch of errands to do today so for what writing time I had it's not bad. Only a chapter and a half left for this story. If I'd had the whole day, it'd be done:) Feeling good about the productivity.

Nov 28th-Wednesday

Finalize my file for the Football antho and send to Megan Slayer for submission.

Revised f/f short for holiday anthology and sent to editor.

4487 on Love & History (draft is done!!)

Nov 29th-Thursday

It's an editing and polishing day!

4 Geeks & A Witch
Love & History

Both got read, corrected for typos and polished up before submission.
Both were sent off to their respective publishers. (exhausted!!)

Edits arrived for Hot Rivals and Siren book (that'll be tomorrow:)

Nov 30th-Friday

Edits Edits Edits!!!!!!

Hot Rivals edits completed and sent back in the am. Book will release 12/12/12...

Siren book 1 edits completed. Review tomorrow and select excerpts. Feb 2013 release.

Received and fulfilled request for bio/profile page info for Siren.

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