Monday, May 18, 2009

The Office & My Name is Earl Season Finales

Hey Everyone!!

Catching up on my DVR'd tv. Two of the season finales were just perfect!!

The Office made fun of company picnics and the crazy things they make us do. Most companies aren't even putting up the $ for those events this year so they should be grateful if not for one the odd competition. And of course a great cliffhanger, hoping Pam is pregnant but not being sure. At least we know the Scranton branch isn't going anywhere.

Now onto My Name is Earl. I loved this show since the beginning. Except for that weird part where Earl is in coma, it's been fairly consistent. Good laughs and a look at trailer park living I've never seen!

The season finale surrounded the question who is dodge's real dad. Little chubby? some random guy?? i hate to spoil it but the writers did a great job with the twists and turns and hooks right up until the end when we get a new question about Earl Jr.

Now I'm eager for new episodes.

Thankfully the Closer starts new in June and Leverage in July. Enough new tv to keep me entertained!!

Tonight, Paranormal State's season finale!


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