Friday, May 8, 2009

Intro Cheryl Dragon

Hey Everyone!!

Okay, I did the blog thing....two reasons.

1--I keep missing my one day a month where I was group blogging due to work/life/writing....

2--I finally had an idea of what I want to chat about. At least weekly.

I write erotic romance for Ellora's Cave, Loose Id, among others. Here I will post when I have a new release or great review. For more info

My latest release is Her Boyfriend's Boyfriend...a contemporary menage. I'll do a seperate post this weekend on that...

In addition to writing, I love tv. the stories and characters are's my background noise while I'm writing.

So last night I was watching one of my favorite shows and wanted to share about it. Suddenly a blog seemed like the right idea!!

One of my favorite shows right now is Bones. Smart, funny, and fast moving. But last night they combined another of my favorite shows...bringing over Stewie from Family Guy to be a guest on Bones. How great is that? Of course the show ended on a serious note but Stewie stole the episode. I can't wait until next week for the season finale!

So that's what my blog will be about. My books and my love of tv. I'll post at least once a week about whatever tv show grabbed me best. I've listed my favorite shows's subject to change of course.

Family Guy
The Closer
My Name is Earl
Ghost Hunters
Paranormal State
The Office
South Park
Reno 911
Saving Grace

A variety of you can see. But check back and see what I think of your favorite show...

And don't forget to check out my hot stories...

Stay Tuned!


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  1. Hello Cheryl and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!!

    I love it and I am also a HUGE ghost hunters fan - also love Castle, but it's on just too late for me and since I'm in the stone age with my cable - no tivo (sp?) with equals missing it more often than not...

    Have fun with the new blog!