Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Guy does King

Okay, the Sunday night episode of Family Guy was cute. 3 spoofs of Stephen King novels....the usual messing up Joe's legs in every one.

But where was Death???

I mean Stand By Me is all about finding a dead body and Death doesn't show up?? I love Death...he just makes an episode!

Still I thought the Stand By Me spoof was the best....the other two weren't too off the wall. Why couldn't they do Carrie or the Shining?? Meg has enough issues to be Carrie:) And Stewie is made to say "Redrum"

Speaking of redrum...on my recent trip down to FL for the Romantic Time convention, some friends and I stopped in a liquor store. I don't drink much...but they had tiny little bottles of Redrum (fruit flavored rum). That was a keeper!

But as far as Family was good but not their best. I want them to bring the cast of Star Trek, Next Gen on again. That was so insane it was great! But I'm a Star Trek geek so what can I say??

okay...enough Family Guy fun. New Paranormal State is on always freaks me out. but my friends say I'm psychic so that's part of it. I wish I could see/hear/ talk to the dead. But I do get my share of deja vu and strong feelings.

Like right now, I feel I'm babbling! So I'll call it a blog for today...


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