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Mike & Molly reviews (January)/ Sean Gone...Big Bang commentary too

Sorry about not blogging regularly...but honestly, since the great Christmas episodes, I've been sort of bummed with sitcoms...The Big Bang Theory hasn't been on weekly, lots of reruns AND the sad crap about Penny's career shifting her to propose? WTF! I was soooo disappointed. I'm not a Penny fan as it is and I wanted her to be more independent...Ugh. However, Sheldon is always funny...his impression of a good dog is priceless :) Photo: Was Sheldon obedient? Watch last night's #BigBangTheory now to find out:

But seriously Sean Saves the World...stopped production. I liked this sitcom at first. Some of the episodes fell flat. I kept waiting for them to take a chance. To go edgier. It's a sitcom, sure. It's on network TV...but so what? There's a teenager daughter but still....Sean never gets a boyfriend? No dates that sleep over? His mom got more action!
Photo: Scheming… lots of scheming.
Why have a sitcom with a gay central character and ignore it...sure jokes and oh you had a daughter? How did that happen? It's actually an old joke...which could've shined if they dared to push the envelope. They had good comic talent but it was all held back to not offend/upset people. So it's probably canceled.

Mike & Molly is doing better...I do love the added balance. But it's up and down...

1/13: What Molly Hath Wrought...

This episode ROCKED! Molly drunk/setting fire to her paper. Awesome! Mike putting out the fire with the sink sprayer. Very cool...As a writer, I get how she feels. Some stuff you read and it's great. Some stuff sucks. That's the life of a writer and it can be depressing. Her going to work with Vince and getting out is exactly right. Put the mundane part of your brain to work and your creative part gets a rest and starts to click in. Doing dishes and laundry works well too...
Photo: Don't miss Molly operating heavy machinery on tonight's #MikeAndMolly, starting NOW on CBS!

(Note: you can't just go drive a actually would need to be trained but with Vince in

1/20: Mike & Molly's Excellent Adventure

I hated this episode. Sorry, but I did. She pubbed something on a blog. Fine. Celebrate: Photo: Join #MikeAndMolly on their excellent adventure, starting NOW on CBS!

A nice dinner out...a new cuisine to break out of the rut? That was my expectation.

No...let's test drove a Rolls Royce. Really? Then go to a fancy hotel and screw in a room. Funny but the stairwell thing was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Really 70+ floors. Granted, some people Hustle up the Hancock every year for a race. But being overweight myself, sure it's good exercise but there's a point. Come on...we'll pound on the door and say we forgot our key card or something. Then make a run for it. That'd be funnier.

I get the idea of breaking people out of their routine, I love my routine, but it could've been set up better. A restaurant with exotic cuisine or something else...this episode was scattered and annoying.

Molly is supposed to be the sane one in her for mom and sis, plus pot for sis, pills for mom. Molly having a rebellious side is funny and fits her family but this was just weird. Wine with some super spicy Tai or Indian food could've been gold.

1/27: Weekend at Peggy's:

Now we're talking. Gnome through the window! Mom wants to be paid. She loves holding money over Molly... Love these actresses! they're perfect together :) Mike can actually pay off Joyce and Molly tries. But Joyce likes the power...

Melissa McCarthy (Official Fan Page)'s photo.

Molly gets a case of the big girl panties and wants to move out with Mike in tow. They end up at Mike's Mom's much less fun. Yet it's funny as hell with Peggy vacuuming in the middle of the night. She's awesome wacked out on sleeping pills. Dog licking feet...yuck...

Losing the little dog...of course it leads them home where tempers have cooled. Families who don't hold grudges are the best kind. That's what Molly has! This is what Mike & Molly does so well! It's not a big event or's the family/extended family dynamic, comic timing and delivery, and SITuation COMedy... the definition of a sitcom. Stay strong M&M...

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