Monday, August 31, 2009

New Release: Paid Holiday

Paid Holiday
by Cheryl Dragon
Available Now at Total-E-Bound
Genre: Menage
Length: Novella


Exes Evan and Stacey get a lesson in mixing business with pleasure that might just bring them back together.Three-ways and sharing men are nothing new for Evan and Stacey, but when their potential clients invite them to an optional company sex retreat on a tropical island, these exes jump at the chance to explore their sexual fantasies in a private villa. Mixing business with pleasure could lose them the deal of their careers or bring them back to the love and relationship they both need.


Evan walked into Stacey’s office without knocking, closed the door and locked it. “Told the boss. We’re good.”

“No issue with us both off for a week?”

“I told him the deal was in the bag if we play nice. It’s a Euro thing to do the details. When he heard Carpe Amor is picking up the tab, he told me to get the deal.” He looked into her soft brown eyes and saw a spark of hesitation. “What? Sex with no strings, no guilt, and no repercussions. That’s what you’ve always wanted. There are people who will like you better because you’re not as uptight as you act.”

She stood and smacked his arm. “I’m professional, not uptight. I don’t make the rules. Before you, I was normal.” A strand of pale blonde hair escaped her trendy twist hairstyle that kept her wild waves in check.

All the men fantasised about her. Five foot eight with curves that never quit. She was no skinny model, but who wanted bony? Lush and fair, she kept herself in a size ten. Her nails were polished, her makeup perfect, but he’d seen her without any and wanted more of that wild side. “You’re normal, just sexually charged. You don’t have to be professional this week. You have to enjoy yourself, and that’s all.” He pulled her close and let the feel of her curves fire him up. Their encounters at work were quick so as not to be caught. Now they had a week together. Evan refused to screw up again.

“What if they want something we don’t like?” She pressed to him, resting her head on his shoulder as though they were still together. The mixed signals drove him crazy, but he’d rather have a bit of her than nothing. The darker and deeper side of him wanted all of her, all the time. If only he deserved her.

“You can’t like every kink out there. Relax.” He kissed her neck. “You’ll want enough to prove yourself not a prude. Just shut off your work brain. It’s a vacation, and we don’t even have to use vacation days for it. So get that through your head.”

He felt her arms relax and wind around his waist. Evan had missed her, not just women but her. All the blame belonged on him. He’d pushed her away, but she’d let him be himself the way no one else had. Giving in to men without her had been a mistake, and he’d paid for it. Two years with her, one year without. He knew what he was missing and hated himself. Maybe someday, he’d tell her there had been no women but her in that year. For now, he had a chance to share a fantasy with her again. He couldn’t screw it up. Instead, he’d take every advantage.

“Once we’re there, it’ll be real. It still feels like a dream.” She nuzzled his neck as her hips rocked side-to-side, egging on his growing erection. “We’re a good team for this deal.”

“We’re a good team, period.” He kissed her slowly, letting his hand dig into her thick hair. As he deepened the kiss, Evan pulled the combs out of her hair and let it fall. Then he tugged up her skirt to reveal those hot-pink, lace, thong panties she favoured. The contrast to her pale skin made Evan fully hard. No matter how many times he saw her like this, he craved her. Classy with a classic style, she’d risen above her poor roots, a background they shared. Now, she let herself enjoy small luxuries and let her little quirks show where no one would see.

“Not here,” she protested.

Tugging her thong to one side, Evan slid two fingers between her soft thighs and over her bare pussy lips. All the way back, he found her moist and her hips swayed for more with the slightest flicks.
Enjoy the week!!! Cheryl

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