Monday, August 31, 2009

Closer & Leverage

I missed out on last week thanks to insane work....but I must comment on the season finale of Closer (before I share my new release...and I will:)

The Closer kept advertising things would change....and while I was amused by her niece getting Brenda high on 'special' brownies and how pissed off Fritz got (love to see him fuming...yummy!) but I wasn't blown away by this season much at all.

Now the latest Leverage....that was awesome!!!!!! The gang going against a similar gang that's bad and also protecting Sophie. Then a hint of maybe some relationship going further with Nate & Sophie. Nice! Good action. And Wil Wheaton was the most evil guy. I loved him in it's nice to see him embrace his geek again and being the ultimate hacker who gets caught by the good guys!!

Leverage rules....The Closer needs to up it's game for next season!

Stay tuned...


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