Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm in the Caveman Antho!!

Just gotta share that I'm in the lastest EC Caveman Anthology:)

Available Now in Ebook
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Here’s my part of the anthoJ
Shifting Sides
Cheryl Dragon

In spite of being held captive by sadistic scientists, shifters Kiren and Breman forged a relationship. The evacuation of Earth forced them apart but their mutual lust never died. Now Breman has the chance to bring Kiren back to the rebel colony with him.

Cat-shifter Kiren has missed her dragon-shifter mate and when Breman catches up with her on Old Earth, their lust gets the best of them—for once without limits or spectators. Finally sharing all their secrets, Breman has a plan. Freedom and passion are within reach if they can escape the assassins in orbit.


Copyright © CHERYL DRAGON, 2009
Kiren turned suddenly and her green eyes flashed with recognition and relief Breman wanted to see. No anger or fear reflected in her body language and he knew her well enough to read every muscle twitch.

“Long time no see.” He leaned on the wall next to her and felt something move under his shoulder.

Out of nowhere the vault doors slid shut with no chance to make an escape. He stared at it, stunned. Nothing with power still worked on this planet as far as he knew. The backup to this deep vault had somehow remained untouched. A pressure trigger? A booby trap?

“What did you do?” She ran to the door and tried to move it.

He threw all his strength into helping her but it was no use. “I don’t know what happened. Everything electronic here is dead.”

“Obviously not or it’s a different sort of lock. What are you doing here anyway?” She turned to him, her angled features furrowed in frustration.

“I needed to see you. You’re okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine. I can take care of myself. How’s your rebel colony?” She tried the switch for the door and examined the wall for a switch or trigger. Finally she slammed it with her fist.

Breman was in no hurry to escape. A captive audience would help but her heat and scent distracted him from logic. “Good. Safe. Free. You’d be happy there. No experiments or captivity.” He slid a hand on her tense shoulder. Kiren didn’t want to be locked anywhere.

Neither did he but being locked up with her made it better.

She relaxed a bit under his touch. “The experiments don’t happen anymore. Nothing like that with the new government. I work recovering items and I’m not a captive. You and your shifters can live like wild animals—I won’t.”

“It’s not that bad. Shifters are free. Some have human mates. Some live in packs while some live as humans and only shift when they feel the need. We’re not the only ones the government oppressed. You’re sure you don’t want to try freedom. Do you like a leash?” He moved behind her and pressed his chest to her back. Kiren’s skin was always so soft.

All the things he’d longed to do with her rushed to mind. All the things the scientists made them do left him wary of her reaction. One shift and a swipe of her claws and he’d be dead.

Judging the risk worth it, he nuzzled the back of her neck, brushing her long brown hair aside. “I’ve missed you.”

Kiren leaned into him. “You know there is a death order out on you from New Earth. You’re considered dangerous.”

He pulled her closer and her rear brushed his erection. “Don’t you ever wonder about it? The freedom. All the things they’d never let us do?”

“They were experimenting with our reproductive capabilities. If it didn’t result in potential pregnancy…” She shuddered.

“The shock collars are gone.” He held her, letting his hands glide over the curve of her hip and onto her flat stomach. “I wanted you before the experiments. I don’t care about reproduction. I want you still.”

“All the things we couldn’t do.” Her voice cracked as her fingers pulled his hands up. “I’ve thought about it.”

Her high round breasts felt warm and her hard nipples pressed to his palms. Relief and arousal mixed in him. She wanted him now—not just in captivity.

Breman turned her and pressed her back to the wall. They could be locked here forever for all he cared. He kissed her mouth slowly and then deepened it as her arms pulled him closer. No rush of people watching, no pressure to perform—only here and now could he sample and seduce her.

Her hands worked down his back and cupped his ass. Kiren’s eagerness aroused him more. He looked around, waiting for the shock correction. Finally he laughed at himself. They were truly alone. He didn’t have to share her with others or hide anything from the prying eyes of the scientists. They weren’t going to be watched and that fact only made it harder to control his need for her.

“No one is watching. We’re free. I want your tongue on my body. Your mouth.” She kissed his throat.

He wanted that so badly his own mouth went dry. “What about the death order? You don’t want to kill me?”

Kiren smiled up at him. “Right now I want you alive. We deserve this much.”

And check out the other great authors in the anthology with me:)

I'm been busy lately with writing....but I never forget that new tv is here . The Bones Season premiere was great!!!!!!!!! Love new Bones!

and new ghost hunters tonight....


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