Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Release: The Love Shack 1: Blake's Home

Happy Release Day!!!!!!!!!!

The day before I'm off to my first Gay Rom Lit Retreat...I'm sooooo happy to share Blake's Home.

The Love Shack (cue B52's hit...it'll be in your head all day long!) is a barn/bar where hot stuff happens in the back room :)

This is M/M erotic romance about two ranchers/ cowboy types and one is a Shifter!

Here is the gorgeous cover by Valerie Tibbs:

Blurb: Plenty of men have tried to get ranch hand Blake Louis to The Love Shack but none succeed. At the White family ranch, Blake has found friends and a home. He desperately wants to stay. Yet he must keep his shifter secret and avoid his feelings for Jared White. This job has to work out. No one ever wanted him forever—none of his family did—so why would a rich successful rancher want more than a roll in the hay with a dirt poor ranch hand?

Screwing the staff is a bad idea but Jared White needs more than sex from Blake. The men are friends but he’ll risk it for a chance at more. Love has never worked for Jared and a childhood rival delights in sabotaging him. Jared can’t give up hope. He believes that Blake is the one.

The only smart place to start is The Love Shack, a neutral place where Jared isn't the boss and Blake isn't the hand. Determined to win Blake’s heart, Jared delves into Blake’s past. As amazing as the sex is, Blake resists sweet promises. Love, trust, and happiness are as crazy to Blake as the bobcat he can shift into.

I'll share when it hits third party spots...

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