Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Writing Cave

I've been on a tangent in the last few days blogging about the business of writing...

It's been longer than that--as far as thinking. The playing field changes and we have to adapt. I've had too much time to think  lately.

On top of a surprise summer conference, my mother fell and has required a lot of help. Driving her around and helping her has splintered my routine and I haven't gotten much writing done at all. But there has been time to mull the changes I'm seeing...

In the next couple of weeks, hopefully the doctors will let her drive, work, and return to normal. The break from writing has been frustrating but given me time to reflect on the business side of things AND what I want to work on.

I've been a huge name or break out hit with my writing. Hopefully the old saying that everything happens for a reason is true! Maybe a little change can have a good result?

So Mid-Sept, hopefully, I'll be headed into the writing cave for a bit. Until then I have promotional stuff and edits plus mom duty...

Don't worry, there will be more Men of Alaska...at least 2 more to see how readers are liking them. But sometimes you need to throw in something different :)

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