Tuesday, June 3, 2014

RT reflections (My spin as an author assistant)

So RT was a few weeks ago...but I'm still catching up and getting ready for RAGT later this week.

A couple funny stories to share...

At the Kensington/Lyrical signing I played the author assistant. LOL.

My friend Eden Ashe was having her first ever book signing and seemed a little nervous when she came to borrow Sharpies (seriously, she knows better. lol). I offered to walk down with her, play the assistant so she wouldn't be ALONE...

We passed a LONG line of people camped out for the signing (my inner Catholic schoolgirl felt a little guilty but I didn't take any books...).

Inside, we found her spot and some awesome snow globes with the book covers inside :D

I met KT Grant at the event, awesome! I've known her for years online but it was great to meet!!

Then Desiree Holt came in with Lynne Connolly. Two sweeter people you'll never meet. I've known them both for years. So I did my job and helped them too. Getting the trio waters and popcorn. When I noticed someone got Lynne a drink, I wandered back and found the station. Not sure what they were, but walked away with two...one for Desiree and Eden.

When Desiree and Lynne ran low on excerpt pamphlets, I found the box with extras.

So, I did my part lol...Eden had a lot of readers stop and chat. Book signings are fun and I think she's over her nerves ;)

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  1. And you definitely have a second career waiting for you, Cheryl! You were awesome, thank you!