Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rough Landing Excerpt (FF Erotic Romance- Adult)

Rough Landing
By Cheryl Dragon
F/F Contemp Erotic Romance
Release: June 11th

Blurb: Kate Pacinelli has been infatuated with fellow flight attendant Stephanie Carlson for months. While Kate is out, Steph’s preferences are a mystery. The former cheerleader has a complicated, bisexual past. It’s a smooth ride for both women until a rough landing shakes them up and changes their relationship. Hot sex in private doesn’t translate to the public relationship Kate is looking for. She’s fallen for women afraid to come out before and won’t have her heart toyed with again. When Steph avoids conversations and labels with expert seduction, Kate refuses to play closet games. Steph will have to come out or risk losing Kate for good.


Steph fell into the kiss easily, and couldn’t break free. It had been so long since she’d connected with someone, and as calm as she was acting, she was still a little deeply rattled. Kate’s full lips weren’t demanding. The heat started to rush through Steph’s body as she ran her tongue over Kate’s lower lip.
Being with a woman had always felt so natural, but boys were always waiting in line for Steph too. This was new. Pulling back as the throbbing started between her legs, Steph wanted to explain a lot of things but they’d sounded so dumb and complicated when she’d practiced them in her head. Like nothing but a big lie or an excuse. She settled for a joke.
“Was that more comfort?” She licked her lips and offered Kate the chocolate.
“No. Do you need it? Rudy’s 9/11 stories can be unsettling.” Kate inched back.
Inwardly, Steph cursed herself. She wanted the physical, but big, defining conversations made her feel nauseated. “That was a little weird. I was a teenager. I do remember it, but I wasn’t on the front lines like him. What if he’d been on one of those planes?”
Kate hugged Steph. “I know. He’s great. When I chose this profession it was only a couple years after 9/11 and my father thought I was insane.”
“You didn’t want to go to college or do anything else?” Steph nuzzled Kate’s neck.
Kate blushed. Steph knew she wasn’t the friends-with-benefits type. But the sex would be great—they could have fun and talk it out later.
Kate sighed. “I had a college fund that dried up when I told my parents I was gay. They still talk to me and invite me for holidays, but my father said he wasn’t going to pay for me to spend four years seducing every girl in my sorority.”
“That’s terrible.” Steph kissed Kate’s lips, then nipped them. “If this is you seducing a woman, maybe you needed the practice.”
A smile finally broke on Kate’s face. “No fair—I have a concussion and I didn’t want to be pinned with a sexual harassment of a coworker problem if you weren’t into it.”
Steph grabbed the hem of her old T-shirt and swept it up over her head. If Kate had any qualms, the fact that Steph had nothing on underneath might have been a clue that she was on board. Sex without complicated explanations was perfect.
“You’re gorgeous.” Kate cupped one round breast and rubbed the nipple with her thumb while moving in for a kiss.
The spell pulled Steph into a new world. Most girls she’d screwed around with had gone right for the good parts. Sure, kissing and cuddling might come at the beginning to feel a girl out, and later, depending on the girl, but most wanted to get off. Kate clearly knew just how to seduce a woman if they were on the same page.
Kate deepened the kiss and Steph moaned as their tongues tangled. It was intimacy squared. As if Kate wanted to explore and titillate every inch of Steph’s body. Her pussy was already wet and Kate hadn’t even kissed her below the neck yet. Steph nuzzled Kate’s throat.
“I’m so ready,” Steph said softly.
“And you haven’t even seen me naked yet.” Kate pulled from the embrace, then slowly shed her clothing.
Steph smiled and reclined on the mass of pillows to watch. “I’ve studied your body for months. You turn me on, and it’s not just your body.” She bit her lip to stop herself from talking too much.

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