Thursday, September 5, 2013

Love these Gay Big Cat Shifters!!

First...A warning :) It's going to be a  crazy month of releases! 

So the latest new thing??

Hot MM Shifter Erotic Romance...just released Sept 4th.

BlurbThrown out of his leopard-shifter colony for being gay, Zane Adams is lost. He wanders into trouble, ends up injured and finds sanctuary in a resort near Lake Tahoe called Shadow Valley. Bronson Carter is the owner. He leads a pack of misfits and rejected shifters. Zane instantly knows Bron is his mate, but the reserved Alpha needs some convincing. Bron melts quickly and shows his sub-side in private as he discovers Zane’s story. They both have no one…until Zane’s brother shows up. Bron wants to keep Zane with him but doesn’t want to divide a family. He urges Zane to stick with his colony, but Zane won’t listen. If Bron isn’t his mate, Zane is sure he will never have one.

The fall/winter will slow down a bit. I don't control when stuff releases at pubs so things have clustered into Aug and Sept...and then there will be a bit of a lull. Don't worry, I'm still writing...scheduling just happens sometimes :)

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