Saturday, September 7, 2013

Coming Friday the 13th !!

BBW sometimes all the letter shortcuts we use crack me up :) Just in case you're not sure what it means...

BBW= Big Beautiful Woman (aka plus size / rubenesque)

MFM= Male/Female/Male (men don't have sex with each other:)

So Extra Love is BBW MFM coming from Ellora's Cave!

Extra Love
by Cheryl Dragon
MFM BBW Contemp Erotic Romance
Coming to Ellora’s Cave 9/13/13

Blurb: TR and Dalton are straight friends with commitment issues and their eyes on the same woman. When Alyssa is finally single, they coordinate their efforts and seduce her on the job. Focusing all their energy on her pleasure, the men are determined to win her forever.

Fun, smart and confident, Alyssa never had a problem finding men who appreciate her plus-size form. However, when two sexy friends make a joint move, she’s not sure if falling for both hot hunks is a fantasy or her future. She loves being shared by her men but TR’s career might suffer under scandal. Of course, there are weirder things in Vegas than a three-way relationship!

Another release on Friday :)

Devoted to Him 
Part of the Tied to the Billionaire Anthology (PLEASE don't double buy if you own it!)
MF (with MFM) Bdsm Erotic Romance
by Cheryl Dragon

BlurbBoth from broken homes, Jason and Fiona take marriage very seriously. Will tradition ruin their kink or make them even more committed?

Jason Abbot is a man who has everything, including the perfect submissive fiancĂ©e. His parents’ ugly divorce and Fiona’s lack of a father at all in her life has him convinced that commitment and tradition are the only ways to make them both feel safe. Marriage won’t curtail their bondage play or his dominant side. However, one change seems only logical—Jason has shared Fiona with other Doms before, but how can he share his wife? When she starts questioning that change, his doubts grow. Being a good Dom is one thing but being a reliable husband is another.

Fiona loves only Jason but enjoys letting Doms-in-training practise on her and pleasing two men in role-playing scenes. She also knows just how much Jason loves to share and watch her in action with other men. Her entire sex life is about what Jason wants since he fulfils her needs perfectly. Commitment doesn’t have to mean cutting out what they both enjoy. She knows she can live without other men, but marriage is forever and she doesn’t want him to grow bored with her. Pleasing him is all that matters and she knows when pushing back is better than obedience—especially when he punishes her so well!

Reader Advisory: This book includes scenes of bondage, spanking, piercing, hot wax, dominance, and submission between consenting adults. One scene of MFM sex with double penetration (no MM content)

Note: You can buy/read this story now if you're part of the TEB VIP program and save 10% before the 13th of Sept.

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