Friday, January 4, 2013

Cyber Scars is out!

I'll get back to my normal blogging schedule next week. The holidays kicked my butt and gave me a horrid sinus infection. Finally feeling a little normal today!

Cyber Scars
Red Line Underground book 2
by Cheryl Dragon
Released 1/3/13 by Changeling Press
Genre: M/M Futuristic BDSM Cyber-Punk Erotic Romance

A cyborg in the Corporation's Headquarters, Halnel endured special torture as a teen. When the rebels take him Underground and unplug him from the AI, they uncover the deeper damage. Hal wants the freedom but confinement triggers panic. Rebel Dom AnSol refuses to give up and gets inside Hal's head with patience.

The Corporation sends drones to track their lost cyborg, but Hal shows no fear until the power is cut. Getting closer to his Dom, Hal steps up after there are attacks on part of the Underground. The rebels need Hal's knowledge, and he needs the connection to AnSol -- but he has even more to offer. He's found love and freedom are worth fighting for even if he can't handle a blindfold just yet.

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