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Freedom to Obey

It's hotter than hell around here so my 4th plans include staying inside and enjoying ice cream:) I'll also be writing some more very hot stuff!!

To let everyone enjoy the holiday, the book was released a day early!!!

Here's the dish on Freedom to Obey...a super short hot story!

Telling his girlfriend he’s a werewolf is nothing compared to sharing his secret lust for BDSM. Dillon’s girlfriend is a single mom and, more than anyone, she needs a release, a way to put stress aside, and to learn it’s okay to let someone else be in charge! Laurel gives in to the experimentation at a sex club, but he only gets to be the boss for her pleasure!

Link: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/476-201-121-469-19--freedom-to-obey-erotic-gems-short-by-cheryl-dragon.html


Dillon Jefferies watched his girlfriend Laurel do a hurried final check of her son’s backpack. The seven-year-old wasn’t high-maintenance, but Adam’s mom definitely could be. A honk from the driveway made everyone look.

“Behave. Call me if you need anything. Love you.” Laurel hugged Adam tight and gave him his first cell phone. They’d practiced with it all week.

Dillon got a high five as Adam headed out for a weekend with his dad. The often absentee father didn’t get any points in Dillon’s book, but maybe, he had finally grown up. Either way, the phone connection made Dillon feel better about it. He had big plans for the weekend.

Laurel sat down next to Dillon on the couch and rested her head on his shoulder. Her reddish brown hair curled rebelliously as always. When she pressed her curvy figure to him, Dillon felt total trust and he saw it in her big green eyes.
“He’ll be fine. He’s got both our numbers and your parents’ programmed in there. Phone, email and text. If he needs us, he’ll get us.” He wrapped an arm around her.

She nodded. “I know. It’s just hard. Distract me?”

That was the plan, but it was more than a weekend of fun sex in bed that he had in mind. “You trust me?” he asked.
Her brow scrunched. “Of course. What are you up to?”

Checking his watch, Dillon knew the club crowd would be very light until dinner. Demented was something he’d never shared with her. It was time to take their relationship to the next level. All Dillon could do now was hope she handled it well.
“I’m going to take you out. First, I need to tell you something.” He held her hand.

“What?” Laurel’s face froze as if she were fighting off a cringe. Men had screwed with her before—Dillon knew that, and he had no intention of hurting her that way. He needed them to be closer.
“It’s not bad. Really. You know how I go to see my mom every month? Four hour drive there and back.” Dillon hated that lie.

She nodded.
“I don’t see my mom.”

Her body went stiff, and she pulled away. “Another woman? Seriously? Just go. Get out so you’re long gone before Adam’s back.”

Dillon smiled. He admired how she’d put her son first and didn’t take crap from men. When he started dating her, her friends had warned him one screw up was all it took to be history. Not because she’s a bitch but because she’d been hurt and after the divorce turned into a super protective mama bear.

“I’m not cheating on you. I’d never do that. Just listen.” He rubbed the tension from her shoulders.
“I thought you were different. Your trip isn’t always a weekend. Not consistent. Something was off.”

“But you never asked. Never followed me. You trust me.” Dillon looked her in the eye. “I go to a safe place because I have to.”
“Parole? Drug testing?” Her inner control freak couldn’t calm down.

“No and no. I’m a werewolf.” The words sounded silly, but the reality was anything but.
She leaned back. “Werewolf? Like an animal?”

“Exactly. I go into a safe environment for the full moon nights so I don’t hurt anyone.”
“You’d never hurt anyone.” Her hands framed his face. “Is this a joke? Some role-playing sex game I don’t understand?” she asked.

Dillon stood, removed his clothing and shifted to his wolf form. With no moon tugging at his animal side, he was in control so it was safe. When he saw the shock in her eyes, he licked her hand and shifted back.
Grabbing him, Laurel felt his body and for once was speechless. Which was good. He had plans for more than true confessions this weekend.

“I want to take you to the safe place. Show you everything.”
“I believe you now. I don’t want to see your cage.” She shuddered.

“It’s not a cage. Demented has a habitat that’s safe. It caters to a lot of paranormal needs. BDSM with paranormal beings can be dangerous.” Dillon wanted to show her the fun side of dating a werewolf.

“BDSM? Do you do that, too?” Her expression was hard to read, a mix of curiosity and caution.
They’d been dating for four months, and Dillon had proven himself with Adam. With Laurel’s ex. With Laurel’s family. With Laurel’s stressful life. Now, he wanted to prove he could help her stressed state.

“I haven’t since I started seeing you. I’d never hurt or cheat on you. But I think you might like to try some things. If you want.”
“I trust you…but what if I don’t like it? Don’t you think this is the sort of thing that you should tell someone early on? I mean, if we’re not really sexually compatible then there goes everything.” She threw up her hands and her toe tapped nervously.

“There were more important things. Your ex was a jerk. Adam. Not moving too fast and screwing it up. I wanted to be sure we worked before I suggested it.” He chuckled at how the BDSM issue had completely overshadowed the werewolf fact.
“So you think I’m a dominatrix? Some days I feel like drill sergeant.” She laughed.

“Sometimes we need all need a change.” He tugged her to her feet. “Let’s get you dressed and head over. It’s much better to go over the details there.”
She nodded and held his hand tight. Dillon squeezed her hand back. Her trust meant the world to him. Whether it was kinky sex or exploring the paranormal world he inhabited, he’d keep her safe. Once she had a submissive experience, he hoped that she’d understand it was a gift for both of them.

Link: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/476-201-121-469-19--freedom-to-obey-erotic-gems-short-by-cheryl-dragon.html

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