Monday, May 14, 2012

The Love Hangover Contest and my May release!

Love-drunk and hungover?
Want to be?

Join Cheryl Dragon, Renee George, Ayla Ruse, and Megan Slayer in celebrating
their current and upcoming new releases at Changeling Press!

... Including the themes of Menage, Gay, Bisexual, and More!
Sometimes too much is exactly enough.

Prizes include free eBooks, goody bags, $50 in gift credit, and more!

Check us out and enter to win at:
Feel Free to Post, Repost, Share and/or Forward!
That ends the official contest info!
Since this is my blog;) First, thanks to the other ladies for sharing!! Changeling is a great group of authors and I'm thrilled to be invited to the party.
My book comes out this week so here's a little preview.
Danielle left Texas for plenty of good reasons. The psychic had been called a witch and a lot worse. The only thing she missed was the four men who'd never let her down.

Back in Houston to settle her aunt's estate, Dani is drawn into their fight against a mysterious creature. A lot has changed, and they want her in their life and their one, very Texas-sized bed. A quiet ranch life with a paranormal mission and four hot cowboys eager to share her is more than she ever dreamed of having.
And if you missed book 1 in the Warrior's Craft series:
Praise for Four Guys & A Witch
"I have to say that Ms. Dragon always knows how to throw a good sex party! I felt a connection with everyone... expect to have to take a cold shower after finishing this book!"
-- Cheryl, Manic Readers

"...Cheryl Dragon sets the stage for an adventure that is guaranteed to please lovers of paranormal books."
-- 4.5 Stars from Candy, Sensual Reads & Reviews
When demons invade Detroit, four modern day pagan warriors go to work, but they need a little extra help from their favorite sexy witch. Phoebe has been their magical contact for years, but none of the men have dared break ranks to make a move. A protection spell won't cut it this time. The group needs sex magic to boost their skills and bond them on a new level. Sharing a hot witch is one thing, but two of the men have issues that make baring their feelings harder than their bodies. Phoebe is determined to have them all and bring love to the warriors' world.
Don't worry, book #3, Four Bikers & A Witch is coming in September 2012...

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