Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RT Update & Training Party is Out!

I'm finally among the living!

RT was great! I got to see fab authors I know and meet new ones I'd only known online:D The readers were awesome and the event friends and I hosted was STANDING ROOM ONLY!

Who knew how many women wanted to be naughty at 10am!!!!

Of course, I caught an ugly head cold/bronchitis after RT. It always happens when I travel. So I'm finally feeling normal again...

Which is good because today is a Lucky Springs release day! Book 4 is out now:)

Training Party
menage + and bdsm elements

Deeply involved with a carton of Ben & Jerry’s, Angie is caught cheating on her diet. Her sexy friend Tucker has no choice but to take action. Uncovering all her secrets, Tucker loves her curves and submissive tendencies. Ang still wants to look good for a big wedding so Tucker puts her on a strict diet of satisfying three hot men and attending some secret parties with them.
Burning calories is the last thing on her mind when Angie realizes all the fun she’s been missing by being a good girl. Food is no substitute for love but after amazing sex, splitting a pint four ways is much better than eating alone.
This book was orginally scheduled for next week but it got bumped up. So May will be quiet. But look for JUNE! I have 3, count 'em 3 releases for your summer reading pleasure:) No covers yet...but I promise lots of heat and hunky men!!

For now, happy spring and check out the cover for the next Lucky Springs book. Coming in August 2012...Quality Assurance:

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