Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saving Grace & Leverage

What a great tv week?!!!

The Closer was good....I guessed who did it in the first scene but I love a good mystery:)

Saving Grace was awesome! not the case but the cheating and the car smashing. Gotta love that! And it's deep. Grace cheating with married men and then it happening to her friend. Karma...gotta love it!

Leverage is on now and set in a wonderful new venue of a hospital. Isn't that scary that they could be loose!! But the hitter is making goot threats to bad people so I'm happy!

Now for a new cover....don't think I shared this one before....Paid Holiday releases 8/31.

And Love is Scary releases 8/6. So busy August. check out my website for blurbs and links!


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  1. Love the covers. You know I am going to check out these books.