Sunday, July 19, 2009

Leverage & New Cover!

Hey Everyone,

It's been a crazy July....

One of my favorite shows is back on TNT. Leverage started up again:)

It's so much fun, the characters and the capers. The robin hood feel of taking back from those who've done bad and giving back to those who've been taken. I'm not a huge Timothy Hutton fan but I love the cast!! Check it out wednesday nights!!
And check out the great new cover! Love is Scary releases August 6th at Pink Petal Books:)



  1. Nice cover! I like the duotone look and your choice of models.


  2. I watched Leverage with Wayne (my husband), we spent at least 30 min discussing who the real bad guy/gal was! We are taping the next one so we can watch it when he gets back from his business trip.

  3. Love the cover. I will be keeping me eyes out for this book.

  4. I just read the blurb for Love is Scary! Can't wait:) Looks very good!