Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Catching Up....

The Romantic Times Convention was great. Well, my experience was good. Lots of meeting people and giving out promo :) Chatting with readers and writers... Learned a few things about self pubbing trends and such...

BUT I've been a bad blogger. Very behind...

So did you miss the last Lucky Springs book: Merging Assets? It's book 9 :)

Blurb: In fairytales, the prince rescues the beautiful and thin princess. Crystal never let being plus size stop her from achieving her goals, but she never expected a prince to swoop her up on a white horse either. Independence is her strength, and her career gives her security. Then her company took over a warehouse run by four hot men, and she can’t get her mind off of them. Working with Roman, Andy, Lance, and Fred fuels dreams of much dirtier fairytales for her. Mixing business with pleasure is asking for trouble, but she can’t resist. Dreams don’t come true every day, and she has to jump on this merger where everyone wins!

Then Hot at Last came out early... It's the last book in the All Male Nudes Series! Ken and Avery's story...for those who have been waiting for it! 

Blurb: For two decades, Ken and Avery have worked together at the Big D. Dishing out zingers and sparking each other over and over. Their past relationship blew up and replaced with a cautious friendship because neither could or would leave. When Ken takes a fall off the stage and needs some help, Avery takes him in. There’s no avoiding the chemistry, attraction, and unfinished business now. Sorting through their dirty laundry and ancient history, neither wants to face heartbreak again but friends-with-benefits simply won’t work. With these two, it’s true love or leave the Big D forever.

Coming Soon: 

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