Friday, February 14, 2014

Cupid Inc...Where love finds you!


The Angel Wears Prada: Cupid Inc
M/M Light Paranormal Erotic Romance
Release date: 2/14/14

It’s hard to find a soul mate when you have no soul. Kaden may have to settle for a Valentine’s Day date instead. Born human and forced to go evil, he has turned his back on the demonic ways. Despite demons trying to lure him back, he wants to make up for what he’s done and find love. But who will believe in him?
Cupid Inc will do its best to find him a match!
A fallen angel who adores the finer things in the human world is also looking for a Valentine’s date. Lonal longed for romance and human sexuality so much that he fell to earth to experience love. He just can’t find it. Sex and lust are easy to enjoy, but he wants a soul mate. It’s a good thing Lonal has a few tricks up his wings!
ARe:'s not the only Cupid Inc title out. Get Letters to Julian by Zayne Michaels as well :)

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