Friday, October 18, 2013

A little weekend fun!!!

Sometimes you need to write some erotica/smut/hot stuff!! 
Short fantasy pieces that never happen to ME :) but I wish they would!! 

One such piece is out today. 
It's MFM, older woman/younger MEN :) Black woman/white men. Cougar/milf...
We should all have a birthday like this! 

Blurb: Every woman has a fantasy; some illicit, some simple. Lexie Reynolds finds herself dancing a fine line between the two on her fortieth birthday when her friends drag her out to a bar to celebrate. What woman doesn't have a weak spot for good drinks and great music? What woman doesn't have the silent longing to become the focus of two extremely attractive soldiers' attention? And what woman could say no to having the Pandora's box that holds her quiet desires opened?

Grab it here:
Coming soon to ARe, Amazon, BN...

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