Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Love and Chemistry ( Masters Wanted 3) is out now :)

Check out the latest Masters Wanted story !! 

Love & Chemistry
Masters Wanted Book 3
by Cheryl Dragon
MF BDSM Erotic Romance
Released 7/3/13 by Resplendence Publishing

Blurb: Minny Burgess enjoys being the admin for a bunch of smart and mostly male scientists. She never went to college and without the right dom she’ll never be happy or in control. Wild and adventurous, she’s shocked to find out the straight-laced and serious chemistry professor Colin Zimbel is an experienced dom. He sees Minny needs serious discipline, but he’s not looking for a little fun or occasional kink. Colin wants one sub forever, and Minny might be the challenge to keep him interested. First, he needs to tame the eager sub and see if she can commit.

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