Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back from conference and a New Release:)

The Reader and Author Annual Get Together in Ohio was wonderful!! So much fun and chatting with readers and other was great:)

I sat with a couple editors from Decadent Publishing who are also writers and the infamous Megan Slayer;)  We had a blast.

I happened to be already working on a One Night Stand for Decadent since RT. It was nearly done and today I sold it to them!! whoo-hoo:) Look for that in the fall.

But today I have book 3 of the 7th Kind series just released!!


Secrets have haunted Bonnie Hastings’ life, but the answers were always hidden from her. After a close encounter, aliens leave her on the military base, Dreamland, and she’s found by her college boyfriends—three men who left her five years ago and have a secret of their own.
Group love was once part of Bonnie’s rebellion, but now, it looks like a big setup. She needs to discover what’s going on because there’s no escape from Dreamland. Of course, Bonnie doesn’t want to give up the three sexiest men she’s ever met—they just have to prove their love is real and tell her the whole truth.
The lights outside of Bonnie Hastings’ bedroom were too bright, even for living in Reno. Her apartment on the outskirts of the city faced the rugged surroundings, not the casinos. She kicked off the flat sheet and grabbed her camera. The aurora borealis was amazing this year and much further south than normal.
When she opened the window, Bonnie saw that it wasn’t the northern lights. Something was hovering out there. She hung out the window trying to get a decent look and snap a few pictures. Wouldn’t her old neighbor love to see her like this? Nearly falling out of the window naked! The chill was too much, and she still couldn’t see. Clothes and a trip outside were her best options.
Bonnie slid back inside.
Before she could grab a robe or even close the window, she felt it. The light hit her, and it was more than just high wattage. The beam had force. It pulled her, and she lost her grip on the camera as she was sucked through the window, and the world went fuzzy.
* * * *
When Bonnie woke, she found herself in a metallic chamber on a table. She tried to sit up but couldn’t.
“What the hell?” she demanded. Nothing appeared to be holding her down.
“Relax, you’ll enjoy this.” The raspy voice came from above or was it in her head? She couldn’t tell.
“Let me go. Put me back!” Bonnie hadn’t done anything to cause this sort of dream. No drugs since college, no drinking and no horror flicks to cause nightmares.
The light over her changed to radiate heat as well. The warmth seemed to trigger her nerve endings. Scooting on the table, Bonnie couldn’t believe she was actually able to move now. She looked around for a sense of place. Never one to be ashamed of her body, she didn’t care if all of Nevada saw her naked, but this wasn’t a peep show. This felt more like an alien abduction. After her whole life looking up, she’d never had any close encounters. Hell, she’d never seen a UFO! She was no fool! Her father’s secret work on an Air Force base in the middle of the Nevada desert always made her suspicious. Lights in the sky were nothing new to her but she’d never had any closer encounter than that. Why now?
Three nude male figures appeared around her, all good looking with brown hair and eyes, their heights and features varied. She knew them. College graduation had been only five years ago. How could she forget her sexy boyfriends? Pierce was the leader, Zane the funny one and Adonis the brooding romantic. They were all amazing lovers and a team no woman would forget.
“What are we doing here?” she asked.
“Don’t you want us?” Adonis kissed her shoulder.
Bonnie shook her head. Her body ached for them. Once she’d tried three men, just one wasn’t the same. But this wasn’t right.
“You want us.” Zane licked over her many tattoos. From the flowers on her ankle to the moon and sun on her hips, he made sure her skin hummed for the three of them.
“Of course, I do, but you left me. You said you had to go off for training and poof! you’re gone.” She sat up.
“We didn’t want to.” Pierce held her hand and eased next to her on the cold table.
He pulled her in and kissed her. Bonnie relaxed and took in his body heat. His legs naturally spread hers and that zing of arousal sped through her body. Lying back, she knew it had to be a dream. She tried to pinch herself, but Adonis held her arms over her head and guided them to his erection.
Playing with his long member, Bonnie watched Pierce kiss down her body and lick her pussy. Zane leaned in, sucking her breasts.
“We really didn’t want to leave you.” Zane’s urgent touch convinced her.
Wet and ready, she lifted her hips, and Pierce nipped at her clit in return. They could eat her all day, but she needed more. Three men who loved sex with her, especially oral, and loved to fuck each other—it’d felt like a dream in college. She’d missed them so much.
Her hands caressed their bodies as Pierce finally pressed his long cock to her cunt. The man could be a tease with his self-control. How could it be a dream? Bonnie felt every inch of him as he stretched her. When Zane kissed her, she pulled him in and deepened it. One hand still stroking Adonis, her tongue curled with Zane’s.
Pierce finally fucked her right, and her hips rocked with him, desperate for the release. It felt so right. Natural. In college, it had been a rebellion thing. Her overbearing father had demanded that she be a good girl and go into a safe career. All she’d wanted was free love, no war or hunger. He’d called her a hippie. So she’d gone to college and found three men who made rebelling feel so easy.
It took them leaving her after graduation for her to realize it’d had nothing to do with rebellion or her father. She’d fallen in love with all of them. Unconventional was her normal, and there was no one to blame but herself.
Pierce’s thrusts sped up, and Bonnie tried to sit or rollover, something to get more of her men. But they kept her in missionary, a very dull position, but it felt so good she couldn’t fight them.
The window. The ship. The lights. Was that a dream? She tried to focus, but everything beyond their group was pitch black. If it was a dream, she’d repeat this night after night. Kick back and enjoy the sex.
“Relax, we just want to love you. It’s been so long.” Adonis kissed her then Pierce.
Watching the two sexy male forms in a rough kiss sent Bonnie’s insides into a twist. The force of her orgasm pressed her hips to the table as she shouted for Pierce never to stop. He worked harder, and his climax was muffled in Adonis’ mouth. When they let go of each other, Pierce gently relinquished his spot, and Adonis flipped onto the table and was atop of her.
The superhuman strength and moves… It couldn’t be real. If this was a dream, she’d be happy to let it play out and never wake up. Groping Adonis’ gorgeous arms up to his shoulders, she again tried to sit up, but they all held her.
“What? No other positions allowed?” she asked.
“Not today. Enjoy. Lie back and let us serve you.” Adonis’s huge hands worked over her body and teased her pussy with one finger, then two. Bonnie moaned for something bigger. Squeezing his fingers, she looked for Zane. Maybe they’d let her suck on something at least.
Zane’s mouth was occupied, sucking Pierce’s spent member. Zane loved getting fucked by his men, and Bonnie loved that part of it as well. She reached out for them, but Pierce shook his head. Adonis spread his fingers inside her, and Bonnie arched.
“Fuck me! What’s wrong with you guys?” she demanded.
Finally, Adonis rubbed his cock along her slit, and she locked eyes with him. As if bending to her will, he filled her in one stroke. The tension melted and built again. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she shifted her hips to drive him crazy. When her eyes drifted to Zane and Pierce, she saw that Zane wasn’t just sucking for fun while he waited. He was getting Pierce hard again. Zane’s tongue was behind Pierce’s sac while his hand worked the head.
A marathon? She saw Zane’s hard cock bobbing as he moved. That man wanted to fuck her, as well. Zane needed his men, and it turned her on how natural and shameless he was about his adoration of cock. She loved it too, but he was addicted to his two men.
Adonis slowly thrust in and out of her. He was the patient one who loved to watch. Deliberately, she squeezed his cock, and he groaned. Bonnie smiled up at him, and he sped up his efforts. Adonis buried his face in her neck and rocked her faster and faster. He knew the spot and hit it until she lost control.
Shaking, Bonnie screamed as her body clenched. She wanted to hold onto that pleasure forever. Adonis grunted, and she felt the rush of his release. A soft kiss later and he slid back, holding onto the table for support. Zane’s mouth was now on hers. Again, she tried to sit up and Zane pinned her into the traditional sex pose with his gorgeous body.
“Don’t you want me any other way?” she asked.
“We want you every way. There’s no rush. It’s been so long. We want to see you. Watch you.” Zane thrust home fast.
Bonnie trembled and arched. So good! Zane loved the never-ending sex with breaks of making out and fingering each other while the pleasure and intimacy continued. It was college all over again. She dug her nails into his back and lifted for more. Zane fucked her slow. He also loved to drag things out if he could. She looked down at him. He was pressed to her, but the arch of his back suggested he wanted more.
Then the real fun began. Pierce’s lubed fingers worked on Zane’s ass. She craned her neck to see Pierce hard for his man. With no effort, Pierce hopped on the table and crouched behind Zane as he filled that well-used ass. Everything was still until Zane moaned. Then Pierce knelt in and kissed Zane’s neck as they fucked.
A few strokes and they found a pattern that extended to fucking Bonnie, as well. The view of the two men sent her hormones spiking. Adonis stood next to her, massaging her breasts as if they were treasures. Most guys preferred girls with bigger assets, but these three had always shown great affection for her smaller chest and slim figure. The way Adonis’ fingers worked her nipples, Bonnie knew the men didn’t think of her as one of the guys.
Zane’s groans as Pierce drilled him hard fed Bonnie’s lust, and every time Pierce filled Zane, Zane fucked her. The sparks and the connection made her feel dizzy. That wasn’t normal. Plenty of times in college, she’d had Adonis in her pussy and Zane in her ass while Pierce took Zane. This wasn’t new or a stretch.
She’d missed it!
Adonis reached down and rubbed her clit as Zane drove faster.
Moaning, she let the orgasm spread, but every time she opened her eyes the guys seemed fuzzy. She couldn’t focus, and as Zane filled her again, a second orgasm turned everything black.
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Missed Books 1 & 2???

Dr. Meg Lyle is a classic geek working on a top secret project deep within a military research base. Being stuck on a project over the holidays sucks, but when three hot members of security make her dreams come true, she knows there’s more to their story than they’re revealing. Are these sexy military studs men in black or aliens? The truth may throw her ordered life into disarray, but either way, Meg’s sex life is now out of the world!


Over a year ago, four sexy aliens crashed to Earth and seduced Liz, the doctor who saved them. The captives showed her passion she’d never imagined, but when Dreamland’s commander found out, the men were sent away. Now they’re back, and Liz isn’t letting go this time. They have a lot of lost time to make up for in bed, but to earn their freedom, the men have to share all their knowledge of the aliens and prove their loyalty at the secret military base. Liz has no doubts and, this time, no shame about her special men.

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