Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Menage...

I've been busy....writing! I've also been getting spoiled by my coffee machine. Keurig is a wonderful thing for the writer who needs caffeine...

Today's release is Red Hot Party.

I love the Lucky Springs series and it seems the readers do too!! Here is book 3:


Being secretly in love with your brother’s boyfriend’s sister is problematic enough…but when Hamilton Meriwether is caught at a sex party by that same beautiful woman, he’s got some explaining to do.
Lolly Martinez grew up sheltered, but being an EMT and working with the brave firemen of Lucky Springs gets her away from her overprotective family. Wanting Ham was nothing new, but suddenly, she has a chance to act on all her fantasies with him and a couple other volunteers Lolly thought were just friends who haunted her naughty dreams. The three hot firemen want her body tied to the fire pole and a lot more. But deep feelings and family pressure complicate the fun for the quad. Risking their lives for each other has always been part of the jobs, but now it’s their hearts on the line and that might be the most dangerous situation of all.

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Now in case you missed my end of July shorty:) It's another menage (m/m/f) about 5k. These cute little gems are hot and fun!! It's already a best seller at ARe!

Three-Way Games

Blackout!  When the lights go out secrets are uncovered. Steph has a phobia about the dark and runs across the hall into the arms of her gay best friends. This sexy pair of gamers have backup power and her naked form programmed into their latest video creation on a huge TV screen. Their secret lust for her revealed, the passionate exploration heats up. Safe in the dark with her men, Steph doesn’t care if the lights ever come back on!

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So put some flavored coffee on and enjoy the steamy menage:) More coming in September!!

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