Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reviews and RT Prep

Getting ready for RT!! Hope to see lots of readers and some old friends in L.A.!!!!!!!!

The email from RT said there will be starts from Days of Our Lives at the giant book fair:)

Now I'm not a big soap person, I go off and on but the only soap I've EVER watched is DOOL...since I was a kid (because my mom watched it). I remember Patch and Kayla's wedding. And I started watching again recently because Mrs. H died. So sad....they brought a ton of people back, which is cool.

So I'm jazzed to see some stars. any other soap and I wouldn't know who they are!

Hopefully it'll be a good week in California....

It has been a great week for reviews!!

Backing Brian got a great review from Two Lips Reviews...

And Joining the Party earned praise from Coffeetime:)

And FYI----Taken By the Pack is now available at Fictionwise..

When I return, news from LaLaLand....

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