Sunday, February 20, 2011

Now at ARe! Joining the Party

Just wanted to share that Joining the Party is now at All Romance Ebooks! And there is a 25% rebate on Resplendence Publishing titles through the end of Feb so get a deal:)

In a small town, secrets are hard to keep. But when photojournalist, Cassie Hawks, comes home to Lucky Springs, no one says a word about what her neighbors have been up to while she’s been away. Noises next door draw her to peep on a sex party that enthralls her. The passion, the openness and the multicultural mix inspire and arouse her— the home owners most of all. The sexy Meriwether men tempt her into a private party, and she’s hooked. They willingly help her with her photography and keep her coming back for more. But can she stay put and get on board with their big sex parties?


It was a cool evening, and Cassie threw open the windows of her small house. She’d only been back for two weeks, but Lucky Springs, Louisiana was home. While she enjoyed New Orleans for vacations, her work had taken her there far too many times in recent years.

First Katrina then the oil spill. Both brought photojournalists from all over. She needed a break from the outside world. Lucky Springs was small and filled with friends and family.

Her neighbors on one side were new. In her town, “new” meant in the last five years. Old Roscoe Meriwether had passed away, and his sons, Dominic, Hamilton and Montgomery had moved in. Some thought they would only settle the estate, but they’d opened a business and stayed. There was a fourth man, Alex, she knew from elementary school. Cassie had met all of those attractive men over the years, but one left an intense impression.

Mrs. Jenkins, the neighbor on her other side, informed Cassie that those Meriwether boys had kept Cassie’s yard spotless. Cassie owed them a thank you and a homemade pie. Tomorrow, she’d venture over and be neighborly. No doubt, she should’ve done it sooner.

Her elderly Cajun neighbor could be counted on to have all the gossip and updates including details about the three sexy black men she called “those Meriwether boys”. Cassie was curious, but in a small town she needed the update.

It’d been a long time since Cassie had enjoyed anything like a personal life. Traveling around made it hard to enjoy more than a fling here and there. She was determined to take a break and reconnect with friends and family. There were men here, most of whom she’d known all her life and most of whom didn’t go for career girls who traveled around the world. The small town had a big factory on one end and lots of farms on the other.

Looking out the window, she could see the lights from the Meriwether place in the dark night. They had a big lot while her home used to be a guesthouse on Mrs. Jenkins’ property. Mrs. Jenkins had kept most of the land, and Cassie had a cozy place with low upkeep.

The wind whispered along the houses, and odd moans traveled along from the Meriwether place. Moans and shouts. What were those men up to? Three were related, but Alex was involved with Monty. Hot but gay, that still left two sexy straight men around— all were good to look at.

Curiosity and lack of sex got the better of her. Cassie put on a robe and shoved her feet into old hiking boots by the door before she slipped out into the night. The walk was longer than she’d remembered, but the men had planted lovely additions to the backyard.

The big, screened-in porch was void of people, but a couple of windows were open, letting out the sounds of sex. Quietly, Cassie slipped into the screened area and crouched by an open window. Peering in, she quickly ducked down.

Blinking deliberately, she looked in again. There had to be twenty people, maybe more if the group extended to the front of the house. She’d seen a lot of things in her work. Blood, death, nudity and tears didn’t shock her when viewed through a camera lens. But up close and in her home town, right next door— this shocked her. It could only be called a sex party. An orgy on her own street?

Lucky Springs Book Two comes out in can preview the cover, and March's release on the coming soon page.

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